Lavish Bath Box March 2016 Subscription Box Review

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Lavish Bath Box is a brand new box that just launched, promising to send a box of cruelty-free, vegan bath goodies every month. I am a big fan of baths — showers are great in the morning, but I love winding down with a good book and just relaxing after a long day! It’s obvious that I will have no less than ten bath products arranged on the edge of my bath at any given moment, so when they reached out to us, of course I said yes!


This is their debut box, and the presentation is great! I love the crepe bow, and the hand-written note to me was a sweet touch. I love seeing box curators showing so much enthusiasm and pride for their business!


A product card was included along with instructions on how to use a bubble bar and the best way to care for your soy candles.


March’s theme was Interstellar, so this was a box full of space-themed goodies… cue my heart attack of joy when I saw that. I love space, okay?


The items are safely packed in a lot of paper squiggles, as well as bubble wrap. There’s even foam on the underside of the lid to keep things from bumping around in transit. With fragile goodies like bath bombs and bubble bars, the extra care is appreciated.


Miss Galaxy Bath Bomb Unfortunately, this bath bomb was a nightmare for me. In addition to staining my bath (and me!) within seconds of being let loose in the bathwater, the glitter included in it isn’t a fine, soft glitter that feels safe for being in contact with skin (especially sensitive parts). It’s large, sharp flakes that stuck to my body and I could feel the prickle against my skin. I actually drained the water while it was still foaming, tossed it, and then had to wipe down my bath, It didn’t make for a relaxing experience, that’s for sure! It smelled amazing, though.

UPDATE: Katie from Lavish Bath commented to let us know they’re aware of the situation; there was an ingredient change that was made before the orders were shipped. They’re going to be sending everyone affected new bath bombs from Sassy Fras, and future orders will include the more tub-friendly version of the Miss Galaxy bomb.

Cosmic Galaxy Bath Bomb This smells amazing even wrapped up in plastic. It smells like roses and lemons mostly to me, so I’m excited to try this. The Etsy listing warns that it’s colour-intensive, so at least I’m not going in blind this time!


Starlight Moonlight Bubble Bar This smells amazing! It’s scented with blackberry and vanilla and has very fine gold glitter dusted on it.

Northern Lights Bubble Bar I tried this one following the bath bomb disaster of 2016, and it made lots of fluffy bubbles but the scent was pretty generic — not unpleasant, but it just smelled like soap.


House of Intuition Moonlight Bath Bag I have always wanted to try one of these ‘bath tea’ products! It’s a blend of Epsom salts, Himalayan sea salt, jasmine flowers, raspberry leaf, and lavender. I’m not a huge lavender fan but I’m hoping it won’t be too overpowering. The package includes a reusable muslin bag. You can either ‘steep’ the bag of tea in your bath water or put it in the shower. I’m really excited to give this a try.


Soap & Clay Sugar Soap Scrub This is an awesome citrus and black tea scent, which I love. This isn’t a super gritty sugar scrub — it’s much more refined and gentle — and it’s a whipped soap so you are cleansing and exfoliating at the same time. I really liked how this felt, as it didn’t dry out my skin.

Blue Moon Soy Candle I found this scent to be a fresh, clean scent. I didn’t get so much of the musk as I did the oakmoss and amber. In my opinion, this is a very unisex scent.


Lavish Bath Box’s first box was definitely a treat to unwrap! Of the seven products, I’ve only tried four so far and only one was a bomb (no pun intended) for me. I love the month’s theme (space!!!) and the curation is great and the items were well-selected. I’m excited to see more of what they do in the future, and if you’re a fan of a good bath, definitely give them a try.

Visit Lavish Bath Box to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Lavish Bath Box
The Description: Lavish is a subscription service that sends you a fresh fun box of all natural bath products tailored to a specific fun theme every single month. Each Lavish Bath Box will contain 5-7 products (not samples) to give you the ultimate bathing experience with a variety of brands from well known to more local artisans and boutiques.
The Price: $45.95 per month


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  • Jenn

    $46 for this??? Way overpriced!

    • Valerie

      Considering picking up the same sort of items at LUSH will cost me closer to $70, I’m not too surprised at the prices as listed on the Etsy shops. I didn’t do a price breakdown on this box as some of the Etsy shops were on vacation or had made items just for the box.

      • Brandy

        this is PA Anna’s pet peeve – an etsy shop that goes on vacation when their box item comes out.

        • Valerie

          Yeah I wanted to check the listings for the bath bomb from hell to see what kind of glitter was used; I was genuinely concerned at what was in it. I’m sure it’s fine but in the interests of full disclosure I wanted to be able to know.

          • Katie with Lavish Bath Box

            The bath bomb from hell is quite literally the perfect name for it.

            The short of the story is: It was NOT supposed to be like that. We released this statement to all of our subscribers following the discovery of this issue:

            It was tested before the bulk purchase, but not after. Our batch along with another wholesale batch were affected by this “new” colorant change that literally made a mess.. both literally and figuratively for everyone involved.

            We are happily replacing all the Hell Bombs with ones of the same size with no cosmetic grade glitter and water based colorants. The other bomb (cosmic galaxy) does not stain in any way – so fear not!

            We now have a try before we buy and after we buy policy to avoid this ever happening again. We hate that it was during our first month… and that the darn thing looked so pretty on the outside. Deceiving little bugger.

            Thank you so much for the review Valerie! We hope you’ll review us again in the future =)

          • Sassy Fras Bath

            It is our sincere hope that you’ll enjoy the replacement bomb much more than the “hell bomb.” We hope that your upcoming experience with Miss Galaxy is a more positive one and we look forward to the updated review.

    • Katie with Lavish Bath Box

      This is the kind of feedback we want to know about! The price does include $6.99 priority shipping, so the box itself is $38.95. We are considering listing it that way because the initial price IS a little scary for some.

      • Valerie

        It won’t let me reply to your first comment. Boo!

        Thanks so much for sending the box my way to review, Katie! I love bath stuff (I’m a LUSH junkie) so these are the boxes I love reviewing because I’ll use everything in them! That sucks to hear about the mishap with the Sassy Fras bath bomb but great to hear that you guys are rectifying the problem with those affected. I’ll update my original review accordingly to let everyone know, as you are definitely on top of rectifying the situation!

        Re: the price point – I was saying above, compared to LUSH the Etsy sellers’ prices are pretty standard especially given the hand-made element. And everything is full-sized and a lot of items are limited edition which adds to the appeal. I can eaaaaaaaaaasily walk into LUSH an drop $80 on the same amount of items. (I mean, I never HAVE… done anything that silly… never… I have self-restraint… um.) so I think it’s fair.

        Anyway, thank you again for chiming in! Hell bomb aside, I loved everything else – that other bath bomb was to die for. But honestly, you had me at ‘space.’ SPACE!!!!!!!!