Doodlebug Busy Bags March 2016 Subscription Box Review

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IMG_2716Doodlebug Busy Bags is a monthly subscription service that sends fun seasonal crafts to my home. Each Doodlebug Busy Bag contains 4-8 crafts that help my son develop his fine motor skills, creativity and confidence. This subscription service is run by Kidable Adventures, who also produces the Little Thinker Box. My son loves the themes of the easy-to-assemble crafts, and I appreciate the tips contained on the detailed instruction sheets. New subscribers receive a nice big red bag, perfect for holding lots of beautiful Doodlebug crafts.

IMG_2717Every box contains neatly organized bagged crafts along with any other supplies that might be required, such as glue dots and magnets.


A general overview of all the crafts along with color pictures of the finished crafts is provided as well.

IMG_2718This month’s theme was Easter! Each craft comes in individual bags, which is nice, as the bags keep each craft’s parts contained. All nine Easter crafts piqued my son’s interest. He chose to start with one of the two sticker pages.

IMG_2720My son was so excited about decorating the Easter country road scene! He had a lot of fun deciding where to put the stickers. From the beginning, he decided to ignore the template provided on the instruction sheet; he wanted to make his own design decisions.

IMG_2730He was really proud of the way this turned out. He especially had fun feeding one rabbit a gigantic carrot.

IMG_2735Sticking with the sticker theme, he immediately grabbed the other sticker sheet and country scene and got to work.


He asked, “is the theme this month Easter?” Yes! This sparked a conversation about Easter and the Easter bunny. He is very excited about the Easter bunny!

IMG_2728Next, I suggested that he make the adorable sheep magnet. Like the preceding two activities, this one was straightforward enough that he could do it completely on his own. Since I was alone with the kids and my daughter was clamoring for my attention, the more he could do himself, the better!

IMG_2757The sheep required peeling and sticking and the ability to look at the template provided and determine the order in which pieces have to be applied. My son worked diligently as I read to my daughter.

IMG_2759Once he was done, my son added the magnet to our growing refrigerator collection.

IMG_2801Next, my son decided to make door hangers.

IMG_2726Like the magnet, this craft required lots of peeling and sticking.

IMG_2763My son needed minimal help with this: the directions tell you to punch out the holes in the glasses so that you can use the teardrops to affix the string on the back of the bunny.

IMG_2770Once he was done, he had fun searching for an appropriate place to hang his craft in our kitchen.

IMG_2800Nice! Continuing with the bunny hanger theme, next my son attempted the bunny holding the egg ornament.


As he continued to complete these activities, my son got increasingly excited about the Easter bunny. When does he come? Will he definitely visit our house?

IMG_2771Although still a peel and stick craft, this one was more difficult for my son. He needed some help determining where to apply the vest.

IMG_2773He was proud of the end result! Once he was finished, he again ran into the kitchen to find the perfect spot to display his creation.

IMG_2799I was especially excited about the next activity. After attempting several craft stick projects unsuccessfully, I was excited to see if this one worked out (gluing the small edges of craft sticks together doesn’t work well).

IMG_2729Once we laid out the items for the craft, I became optimistic this would work well. I love the foam backing idea!

IMG_2776My son really enjoyed this craft. It was slightly more challenging than the previous crafts as kids have to figure out how to arrange the craft sticks. Also, it’s slightly more challenging to configure the back side of this craft than previous crafts.

IMG_2792The result is adorable. This was my favorite of the crafts! My son quickly ran to the kitchen to find the perfect spot to hang the bunny.

IMG_2798 (2)Next, my son attempted the last of the hangers.

IMG_2722After affixing the eggs to each other, we decided to call it a night. We finished the craft the following morning.

IMG_2803My son had fun decorating the eggs. He wanted to make all of  the design decisions himself.

IMG_2821The last two crafts were pieces of jewelry: a bracelet and a necklace.

IMG_2727This bracelet was rather challenging. There isn’t really a stopper at the end of the string, and knots of increasing size weren’t big enough to stop the beads from coming off the opposite end. Still, it was fun to do and the bracelet looked great at the end!

IMG_2812My son laid out his beads ahead of time. This allowed us to discuss symmetry and fair share. It also helped us discuss how to spell Easter.

IMG_2817Our final craft of the day was a Snoopy necklace. My son loves Peanuts, so he was excited about this!

IMG_2721My son laid out his beads for this necklace too. This time, he quickly put an even number of bead on either side of the Snoopy charm symmetrically.

IMG_2820This activity was much easier to complete than the bracelet as the beads had larger holes and it was easy to tie a knot at the end to keep the beads from falling off.

IMG_2827My son loved his Snoopy necklace!


My son and I had more fun crafty days thanks to Doodlebug Busy Bags. We can’t wait to receive next month’s Hello Spring-themed Doodlebug Busy Bag!

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