Cozy Reader Club Subscription Box Review – February 2016

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Cozy Reader Club
Cozy Reader Club

The Cozy Reader Club is a new monthly book subscription that is much more than a book subscription.  Each month you will receive a recently released women’s fiction novel, artisanal coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a beautiful handmade item, and gourmet handcrafted treats. Sounds amazing to me!

First Look
First Look

I’ve been following Cozy Reader Club’s launch emails and am excited to have an opportunity to review the box!

Second Look
Second Look

The box is packed with beautiful items. The emerald green caught my eye.

Cozy read Club - February 2016
Cozy Reader Club – February 2016

The items look fabulous. A wonderful book, emerald green scarf, chocolates and more!

The Girl in the Red Coat
The Girl in the Red Coat

I debated whether to read The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Harmer ($17.51). The thriller is about a mom’s worst nightmare, her child being abducted. My little guy is only a year younger than the girl in the book at the time of the abduction. I decided to read the book anyways and found it hard to put down. It starts off in one voice and then alternates between the mother’s and daughter’s voices. The Girl in the Red Coat is a Costa Book Award for First Novel finalist and a Dagger Award finalist.

Missionary Chcooaltes
Missionary Chocolates

The delicious Missionary Chocolates Handcrafted Vegan Truffles ($6.00) are gluten-free and vegan. They are also incredibly chocolatey!

Heart Shape Vanilla Salted Caramel
Heart Shape Vanilla Salted Caramel Truffle

The Heart Shaped Vanilla Salted Caramel is a decadent treat. The salt on top of the chocolate combines with the caramel creating an irresistible combination that is not too salty. It is rich!

Simply Espresso Chocolate Truffle
Simply Espresso Chocolate Truffle

The Simply Espresso Chocolate Truffle provided a rich Espresso taste mixed in with yummy truffle. I shared the truffles with the family. No one could tell the truffles were vegan. The truffles were a decadent treat.

Nossa Familia Coffee
Nossa Familia Coffee Ernesto’s House Blend

I could smell the caramel when I opened the Nossa Familia Coffee Ernesto’s Hosue Blend ($9.00). The coffee is farm to direct and is from the Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama, São Sebastião, São Paulo, Brazil.  It smells incredible.

Our Notes
A well-balanced medium roast, exhibiting sweet, fruity, and floral aspects with a honeyed, toffee-like quality.

This roast works well as a balanced espresso or as a drip coffee. It also makes a delicious iced coffee.

Dragonfly Bookmark
Dragonfly Bookmark by PNL Jewelry Designs

The Dragonfly Bookmark ($8.00) is gorgeous and full of details. I like that the red dragonfly matches the cover of the book. It can also be taken as a nod to Valentine’s Day.


The antique silvertone bookmark will be used by me. I like the pop of color against the black and white pages.

The Perfect Scarf bu Northernly
The Perfect Scarf bu Northernly

The Perfect Scarf by Northernly (on sale for $28.00) is a beautiful emerald green infinity scarf. It is warm and cozy making it a perfect fit for the Cozy Reader Box. I will be wearing it often.

Bella, J, and Puss in Boots
Bella, J, and Puss in Boots

J agreed to be my model. He’s cozied up in the scarf along with his Scooby Doo blanket. He has a doggy and kitty by his side. Don’t forget the chocolates!

The Cozy Reader Box is on the high end for monthly book boxes. Be sure to use the COZYREADER coupon to save $10.00 for life!  The value of the box is around $68.00 which is above the cost of subscription, which is great for a monthly book subscription box (and March is already sold out, but there’s still time for April!). The curation is excellent with quality items selected. I am very happy with the February 2016 Cozy Reader Box.

Visit Cozy Reader Club to subscribe or find out more! Save $10 off every month in your subscription! Use coupon code COZYREADER.

The Subscription: Cozy Reader Club
The Description: Cozy Reader Club is a monthly subscription box service delivering cozy reading straight to your door! In each box, you’ll discover a recently released women’s fiction novel, artisanal coffee, tea or hot chocolate, beautiful handmade items and delicious gourmet treats. Treat yourself to some “me” time.
The Price: $64.95 per month


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  • Megan

    This looks like an awesome box but it’s too expensive for me. Now that you’ve finished reading the book what did you think about the subject matter? Should nervous mom’s stay away?

    • PA Anna

      I think it would make any mother feel she needs to be more vigilant. The book explores thoughts and feelings over a five year period. The ending leaves unanswered questions. I do think nervous moms will be relieved when they read the ending.

  • Pnut

    Other than the book choice (I have the same hesistation as you), I love the box. Its got a bookmark, noms, cozy neck wrap, and a nice coffee to make for a nice al freco breakfast morning read (because reading that book will definately keep you up without the caffiene I suppose). I especially love that scarf because I know it would look fabulous with your red hair!

    • PA Anna

      Thanks! No caffeine was needed for this book!

  • AngelaR

    Cozy reader seems to be set up to be an experience. The chocolate looks delicious. The scarf and book marker are beautiful.

    • PA Anna

      The chocolates were delicious!