Blue Bottle Coffee Review + Free Coffee Coupon – March 2016

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Blue Bottle Coffee March 2016 Box

Blue Botle Coffee is a whole-bean coffee subscription with multiple options to suit your coffee needs. Generally you’ll get 12 oz of beans every other week for $17, or double your bag for an extra $11. They also offer half bag and triple bag subscriptions. The prices vary by a buck or so on your coffee selections.  You can try Blue Bottle Coffee free – just look for the “Try It Free” button after you hit subscribe.

Blue Bottle Coffee March 2016 review

I received another bag this month, which is the Ethiopia Sidama Homacho Waeno.  I have the Origins subscription, but it’s easy to switch between the 3 types (Origins, Blend, Espresso) or one of the 8 specialty subscriptions available, as well as change the frequency and amount of coffee you receive in each shipment.  Each is produced from high-quality beans — it’s just a matter of what your taste preference is.  I like the variety of flavor notes and combinations that I get with the Origins subscription — as I find many of the most interesting flavor notes are intentionally mellowed and nearly disappear in a blend, though you may get a more balanced cup in the end.  I’ve had Blue Bottle Coffee blends (and espresso, though I prepared it as normal coffee) before, and they are selected and prepared with the same degree of mindfulness, though you will miss out on some of the delightful “rough edges” of the single-origin brews.   Currently, I prepare my beans with a Baratza Virtuoso burr grinder and make my coffee Americano-style with an Aeropress.  

This coffee says it was roasted on March 17, 2016.

Blue Bottle Coffee March 2016 (1)

Blue Bottle Coffee‘s Description:

The Sidama Region in Ethiopia grew popular after Homacho Waeno started their cooperative. The premiums that the cooperative got from organic certifications and fair trade helped in building roads throughout the region and aided in bringing electricity to their members.

The coffee from this region are expertly grown, batch-fermented and washed. The land workers’ hard work in cultivating the coffee beans is highly-commendable, and it shows in every cup of the Ethiopia Sidama Homacho Waeno coffee.

Blue Bottle Coffee March 2016 (2)

Blue Bottle Coffee‘s notes: Nectarine preserves, nougat, juicy.


My observations:  This bean has a very mild profile, a great example of the light, sweet, floral, and fruity coffees that are in abundance in the region.  The sweet flavor of stone fruit comes through a creamy and pervasive layer of mild foaminess created by the slight and well-restrained acidity.  A light and pleasant cup with a smooth, sweet presence.

Visit Blue Bottle Coffee to find out more or to subscribe – a free trial offer is available. Visit the site, hit subscribe, and then the white “Try It For Free” button.

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The Price: $17-20 per delivery every other week. Multiple options available.
The Coupon: Get a free trial when you join Blue Bottle Coffee. Just look for the “Try It Free” button after you press Subscribe.
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