Abuela Mami Goodies February 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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abuela mami goodies box february 2016 box

Abuela Mami is a monthly subscription box delivering traditional Cuban foods and treats.  They offer both a Coffee and a Goodies subscription – this is the goodies (but we still got some coffee)!

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A simple card lists the contents of the box and comments on a few items.  I thought it was funny which items they chose to comment on — there was no mention of the clothespins or why they were provided!

abuela mami goodies box february 2016 unboxing

The packaging is no frills inside, but the selections represent true favorites among Miami’s Cuban community, including both popular international brands and local specialties.

abuela mami goodies box february 2016 review

Everything in the box.abuela mami goodies box february 2016 IMG_6430

Badia Mojo Marinade A popular marinade perfect for chicken, fish, or anything.  Garlic, onion, grapefruit and orange add a bright, zesty flavor while tenderizing meat.

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Conchita Guava Marmalade:  Made primarily from guava and sugar, this paste is traditionally served with white cheese, but it also makes a great jam by itself or spread with cream cheese.

Goya Spanish Style Flan:  a sweet, firm custard with roots in Ancient Rome and still very popular throughout Spanish (and Portuguese) speaking part of the Americas.

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C. Howard’s Violet: Crunchy, flower-flavored mints.  The curators have a sense of humor, noting that these taste like perfume and are an Abuela candy.  The violet flavoring is definitely unusual and a bit off-putting.

Arcor Strawberry Candies:  Extremely sweet and “strawberry” flavored, these candies are filled hard candies that actually have a tender and chewy texture.


Cafe Domino Espresso:  Finely ground blended coffee ideal for making Cuban-style espresso.  Cafe Domino is headquartered in Doral, just outside of Miami.

Ricos Meringue:  This meringue has been made in Miami for nearly half a century.  It is very light and sweet, with a crisp rather than chewy texture.

IMG_6434Clothespins:  These were a bit of mystery at first, but the Abuela Mami social media pages cleared it up — these aren’t really clothespins, they are traditional coffee bag clips.

Cuba Pouch:  I’m not clear on whether this is a food item, or purely decorative.  The bag has a Cuba design and is described merely as a “Cuban Pouch,” so I lean toward decorative.  It is, however, filled with rice, which I am assuming has not been adulterated.

Abuela Mami is a fun taste of Cuban food culture, as reflected in the large Cuban-American community in the greater Miami area.  So far, selections have been shelf-stable, so it is a great box for both snacking and stocking your pantry with goodies. This is a fun box for someone who isn’t intimately acquainted with Cuban culture but we think someone with Cuban roots would immediately “get” everything in this box!

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The Subscription: Abuela Mami
The Description: Monthly subscription boxes of Cuban culture. Hand picked Cuban snacks and memorabilia. The box contains 4-9 items of hand-pick Cuban culture goodies. Food, snacks, coffee, dried fruits, meats, tools, mugs, flags and other Cuban memorabilia. Its a surprise every month.
The Price: $24.95 per month
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