Oui Please February 2016 Subscription Box Review: Vol 1.6 White Winter in the Alps

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oui please box february 2016 IMG_5394

Oui Please is a French luxury subscription – every parcel contains an assortment of full-size products from France.

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A giant card on the top says Nouveau départ – Fresh start. Volume 1.6 is White Winter in the Alps.

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The Oui Please box is gorgeous and high quality. I was surprised to get this box. It comes so infrequently I forgot it was supposed to be bimonthly. Seriously, I thought my subscription had ended.

oui please box february 2016 unboxing

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5400
oui please box february 2016 IMG_5401
A mini-mag comes with the box – it details all the item variations (subscribers don’t all receive the same box) and makers. Values vary accordingly.

oui please box february 2016 review

Everything in my vol 1.6 box. Note this subscription has a tendency to misprice – in a very significant way. Although the value of the box is always much higher than the cost of the box, it’s always much lower than the retail values they attach to the items.

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I was excited when I opened my box because I clearly received a 1951 clutch! After months of getting “the lesser box” (because boxes vary among subscribers) I finally hit the jackpot.

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5404

L’attelier Les Ladures ($25)  These are so great – nuts, dried fruit, and a beautiful burst of salt when you bite into it. This is salted chocolate done right.

L’attelier Noix caramélisées ($15) I have had the candied almonds before and I was happy to find that these walnuts weren’t quite as caramelized as those (which were nearly overdone). Tasty and a nice accompaniment to cheese. However, they weren’t the macadamia nuts promised in the mini mag. Macadamias >>>> Walnuts.

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5405

A closer peek at the goodies!oui please box february 2016 IMG_5407

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5409

Mirgiole Sorbonne Earrings ($60)  I am a little confused by these earrings. They look like the design goes in the front, but it goes in the back, which was disappointing (the front is plain). If you can illuminate that for me, let me know! My hair doesn’t really need to see my design.

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5412

Tassia Canellis Bracelet ($50)  This is a super delicate bracelet with a single freshwater pearl attached. It’s pretty but seems better to maybe layer instead of wear on its own – at least for my tastes. This was exclusive to the box, but I would have preferred the inexpensive lurex hairtie bracelet some subscribers received! I’m not a fan of this designer, who appears with regular frequency in this box.

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5410

Harem des Sens Fabulous Skin Milk ($30) This is a very thin lotion/milk that you can apply directly to the skin our pour into the bath. It’s paraben-free!

Oolution Glow Up ($22) Note that for most of the items here I used the retail price from the booklet – it’s extremely time consuming to hunt down prices for all the French products. However, this one was clearly incorrect, as it was listed as $40, and I just knew it wasn’t. It’s a hefty deluxe (over half size) sample but it’s not the full size, which is about $37. Anyhow,  this is a nice hydrating and anti-aging lotion!

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5413

Histoires de Parfums Vert Pivoine ($40) After receiving a huge (really really REALLY huge) bottle of perfume in my last box that I wouldn’t use, I was a bit iffy on more perfume, but perfume is quintessentially French, and my eyes lit up when I saw that it was Histoires de Parfums! This is a nice floral peony scent – very youthful!
oui please box february 2016 IMG_5414

Lebon Toothpaste in Cinnamon Mint ($10) My husband already stole this! He is a little obsessed with luxury toothpaste as a result of sampling Marvis over a few different subscriptions.

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5415

1951 maison Française Pouch ($100) I was excited about this item, but less excited about the color, which is drab for my tastes. The leather is extremely smooth and supple. I liked the swiss dot fabric on the inside! I would have liked the card holder in a wild print better – but as I’ve repeated multiple times – it’s all really a big gamble with the box. I was just happy to finally have one of the coveted items!

oui please box february 2016 IMG_5416

This was a truly great box, and probably my favorite Oui Please so far – but only half the subscribers received a 1951 product, and it appears a random number received a pouch. Oui Please, in an email, has promised that their shipping will be on target and that volume 2.1, La Vie en Rose, will ship March 15.  Quite frankly, I don’t believe them. As I previously mentioned, I didn’t even know I was getting this box because their shipping schedule has been so erratic – this was the October 2015 box – and that’s completely unacceptable.

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  • Amanda

    If you want to wear the earrings with the “M” facing out, there’s no reason you can’t. I like the M side better also, it’s more interesting, and from what I see when I shop in Europe, you could even wear one earring with the M out and the other with the plain side out and it would show just a bit of the signature logo as well as the gold.

    I think you will be glad to have a year round usable color in the clutch in the long run- if you like clutches, that is.

    • Brandy

      Hmmm I don’t think I have the skill to remove the loops with pliers and switch them around. The lobster clasps go in one direction. I don’t wear any warm colors so brown/nutmeg isn’t a year round color for me. I don’t wear any brown/orange/etc whatsoever. I’m black/jewel tones pretty much 100%! Good ideas if I weren’t so ornery!

      • Amanda

        I have my jeweler do any sort of custom work I need done. If you have a jeweler, he or she would probably be glad to fix your earrings like you want them.

        As for only liking black and primary colors, how does that work out for you with other sub boxes you purchase? 🙂
        I know I’m always ticked off to get food, because my food choices are extremely specific. I just hand it off to my husband. He’ll eat anything, almost.

        • Brandy

          I shockingly rarely have an issue, but I will likely gift the purse coming in TZR Box of Style! And I wouldn’t say primary colors – red and yellow are not my favorites. Except blood red lipstick works great for my coloring.