Nomad Coffee Club Subscription Box Review & Coupon – February 2016

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Nomad Coffee Club is a monthly subscription box of shipped to your door fresh, delicious, specialty coffee.  You get one 8 oz bag of freshly roasted coffee each month.   The coffee is roasted  in Toronto, Canada.  Shipping to the US and Canada and taxes are included in your subscription.

The shipping box was stamped with this awesome wax seal.

Nomad Coffee Club plans start out at $24 for a month to month subscription (shipping to US and Canada and taxes included), but you can save $ if you choose to prepay ahead for several months.  The price drops to $23 a month if you prepay for 3 months, $22 a month if you prepay for 6 months, and $21 a month if you prepay for one year.  It’s not abundantly clear on their website, but I am assuming that these prices are in Canadian dollars (as they are based in Toronto).  So, at today’s exchange rate the $24 CA Dollar subscription is $17.38 US Dollars.

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There was a handy product information card with details about the coffee of the month.  This month’s coffee, Pocos de Caldas was grown in the Mogiana region of Brazil.  It includes Acaia, Caturra, and Bourbon varieties according to the card (the back of the bag states that Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai varieties are included).  They describe taste notes of syrup, milk chocolate, caramel and a hint of orange.

“This one is prepared as a blend by Bourbon Specialty Coffee & comes from a couple farms in the state of Minas Gerais!   It is naturally processed, which means that the coffee beans are picked and dried up in their cherry (casing).  What happens then is that the fruity flavors from the cherry get absorbed by the bean.”

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This is everything that was in the box.

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The stamped brown bag is appealing in it’s simplicity.

The roast date on the bag was February, 6 2016.

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There was an instant fruit aroma when I opened the bag as expected from naturally dried beans (dried with the fruit of the cherry still attached).

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The beans were a very light color.  The name of the coffee, Pocos de Caldas describes where the beans are grown.  Pocos de Caldas is a volcanic crater in Brazil and the coffee farms line the rim of the caldera or crater.

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I brewed a cup in my french press.


The brewed coffee smelled fruity and floral, but not like oranges or citrus, more like pear tree blossoms.    The coffee tasted like apples or pears as the aroma indicated.  The body of the coffee was smooth and the taste sweetly acidic.  Their were notes of dark chocolate along with the floral and pear flavors with a syrupy mouth feel.


Nomad delivers an excellent specialty single origin Canadian roasted coffee.  They emphasize the origin of the coffee over the roaster, but I found the same coffee and packaging, Pocos de Caldas on the website of Toronto company, de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters.  Whomever the roaster, they know what they are doing.  Send delicious coffee to my door and I will never be mad at you.

Visit Nomad Coffee Club to subscribe or find out more! Save $3 on your first monthly box. Use coupon code HELLO.

The Subscription: Nomad Coffee Club
The Description: Fresh, delicious single-origin coffee delivered to your house every month! In each package Enjoy 8 oz and a whole bag of awesome! A different coffee every month made by the most passionate and dedicated coffee roaster.
The Price: $22.00 per month


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