Club Smile Teeth Whitening Subscription Box Review

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Club Smile box

Club Smile is a monthly subscription box that sends you dental products designed to give you a better, brighter smile.  You can choose to receive whitening, oil pulling (an ancient Indian version of mouthwash where you hold oil in your mouth to extract the toxins), or general cleaning and freshness items.

FYI – We have teeth photos in this review. If that weirds you out, squint your eyes a little when you scroll.Club Smile unboxing

Our pack came carefully packed in a cloth bag, and it even had a nice little note.Club Smile review

We received the Whitening Kit.  The full contents of the Kit are pictured — it comprises a set of trays for your top and bottom teeth, a case to hold the trays, a syringe of whitening gel, a tube of remineralization gel, an LED light, and instructions.

The kit is very easy to use.  First, you boil some water, dip in the trays, and mold them to your teeth.  This is just like shaping a sports mouth guard, except these are much thinner and shape easily in a couple seconds.  You only do this once.  For each treatment, you apply a small coating of the whitening gel to each tray and put them in your mouth for 30-60 minutes, then rinse your mouth.  You can also hold the LED light in your mouth if you wish.  A course of treatment consists of 10-14 sessions of whitening.  After the last session, or if you experience sensitivity at any point in the treatment, you can apply the remineralization gel — this replenishes the mineral coating on your teeth and reduces sensitivity and enamel wear.


The full set of gear is a bit conspicuous to wear about town.  The LED is actually very light and easy to wear for even the entire length of the hour long sessions.  IMG_5371

The trays hold the gel against your teeth.  They are fairly comfortable to wear, if you mold them properly.  The instructions say to remove the trays from the hot water if they begin to shrink, as that will render them unusable.  My trays started to bend wilt in the hot water, so I molded them immediately upon witnessing it, as I feared I would ruin them.  The trays fit well for my front teeth, the ones that mattered for whitening, but the trays were a little hard to fit for my back teeth, too.  This made them less comfortable than a mouthguard, which is custom fit for all your teeth.


The instructions were unclear as to the benefit of the LED.teeth clubsmile

Before and After 5 one hour treatments.  The full treatment is 10 to 14 sessions of either 1/2 hour or 1 hour.  My teeth didn’t get pearly white, but I can see a noticeable improvement.

I was surprised by how comfortable the trays are to wear, even for an entire hour.  The LED light is very lightweight, so even holding it in your mouth for an extended period of time is quite comfortable.   The gel can irritate your gums a little, and mine were sensitive for a couple days after treatment, but were fine thereafter.  The taste is surprisingly pleasant — no strong peroxide taste or other odd flavors, only a bit of peppermint.  Altogether, the kit was very easy to set up and use.  There are a few inconveniences to the process — it takes a bit of time to do the treatments (30+ minutes per session for up to two weeks), you are advised to avoid staining beverages during the treatment (two weeks without coffee — if I could do that, I wouldn’t need tooth whitener so badly!), and the tray foams a bit, encouraging a fair amount of drool.  These are very minor inconveniences, and wholly to be expected.   This kit is certainly easy, comfortable, and pleasant to use.  I very much appreciate the inclusion of a remineralization gel, as enamel damage is the number one concern when considering tooth whiteners.  I did experience a bit of cold-sensitivity following treatment, but the remineralization gel made it go away.

You won’t get a whitening kit each month – the way this box works is that you receive new whitening and cleaning products each month, which is a great way to discover new oral care products! The January boxes were completely sold out – if you want to give this box a try, we suggest subscribing soon.

Visit ClubSmile to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: ClubSmile
The Description: Get a new delivery each month with products to brighten, freshen, and care for your smile.  Suggested retail value of boxes depends on contents, but ranges from $39.99 to $149.99 and can include dentist-formulated whitening gel products, coconut oil for oil pulling, fresh oral care supplies, and more. Includes recommended monthly program with detailed instructions.
The Price: $34.99 per month
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