Japan Crate January 2016 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Japan crate january 2016 box
Japan Crate delivers a pile of Japanese candies and snacks, all in their original, super-kawaii domestic packaging.  A mini subscription is $12 with 4-6 items per month, a regular is $25 with 8-10 items and 1 guaranteed DIY kit, and the premium crate is $30 with 12-14 items. The premium crate includes a drink, DIY kit, and will have a surprise item ranging from a bag of Japanese chips to a Premium DIY kit or gashapon figure/keychain.

Japan crate january 2016 unboxing

Our massive Premium box.  Immediately upon opening the box, you know that you are being gastronomically whisked away to a magical land where everyone, and everything, takes on a the guise of a manga or anime characters.

Japan crate january 2016 information

The box came with a free 30 day Crunchyroll membership. Japan crate january 2016 manga

The little booklet reads right to left, in authentic Japanese fashion.  It has a brief manga feature, some additional product info, fan pics, giveaways and contest results, and other items of interest.

Japan crate january 2016 item sheet

This helpful chart provides info on each item in the box.  I think its cool that they have an accretive, tiered item roster — each box upgrade includes everything in the lower tiers.  Here, you can peruse contents of other tiers to see if you would be just as happy with a lower tier, or if you want to spring on a higher tier.

Japan crate january 2016 review

All the goodies in the box.  We got the Premium box, so it included the DIY kit*, drink, and surprise.

The premium box is a combination of the Mini & Original Boxes, plus extra items, so you can see what each box consists of.

January 2016 Japan Crate Mini Box

Japan crate january 2016 mini

Japan Crate Mini Box items.
Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4236

JU-C Short Cake:  A large candy disk with a texture similar to a Rolaid, but with a strawberry shortcake flavor.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzel:  Just like the famous Pocky, this Hello Kitty branded candy-coated stick has a slightly pretzel-like bread stick and a sweet strawberry icing.

Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4237

Calbee Usushi/Ume Potato Chips: Subscribers received either Usushi (light salt) or Ume (plum).  We received the slightly less exotic light salt flavor.  These chips were identical to American-style potato chips, but with a much cuter package.

Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4244

Milk Chocolate Pocky:  A crunchy biscuit stick coated in sweet chocolate icing.  This box contained a double-sized pack.

Asahi Capis Gummy:  The exterior is a translucent soft gummy envelope specked with granular sugar.  Inside is a squishy and oozy milk-flavored gel.

January 2016 Japan Crate Original Box

Everything in the Mini Box plus…Japan crate january 2016 original

The Additional Original box items.

Japan crate january 2016 gudetama

Unfortunately our long awaited Gudetama didn’t make it!

Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4248

We received this squishy as a replacement. Japan Crate is including a special bonus item in all February crates to make up for it (so this is a great time to subscribe!).
Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4239

Fit’s Stawberry & Cream Gum:  Sized and shaped like Orbitz, this pink stick gum has a sweet strawberry and cream flavor.  Each stick is individually wrapped with a Waldo and Waldina wrapper.

Lotte Pokémon Chewing Candy (Bonus):  Shaped like an uber-beefy stick of gum, these tropical fruit flavored sticks dissolve after a minute of chewing.  Each stick features one of your favorite Pokemon.

Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4240

I love that the inside asks, “Where’s Wally?”
Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4241

The back of the pack has a mini Where’s Waldo scene.
Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4242

Pom Sparkling Orange Gummy:  This brightly flavored gummies are really soft and are coated with small crystals of sugar.

Takaoka Yam White Chocolates:  Deliciously sweet white chocolate cubes infused with mild and tasty yam.  If you were not aware of the ingredient, you would assume this was just a delightful white chocolate with a hint of caramel.
Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4246

Pokémon Pineapple Candy:  The exterior is soft and similar to a Starburst, within that layer is a sticky core containing crunchy candy crystals.  The flavor is sweet and slightly tart.

January 2016 Japan Crate Premium Box

Everything in the Original Box plus…

Japan crate january 2016 IMG_4249

All the Premium items

Glico GABA Infused Stress Relieving Milk Chocolate:  Along with the beneficial infusion of GABA, these little chocolates have a superbly creamy texture.  The chocolate is quite a bit darker than you would expect in milk chocolate.

Sukitto Lemon C Drink:  A carbonated lemonade drink flavored with real lemon juice.

Pizza Pretz:  A crunchy, buttery pretzel stick coated with a Margherita pizza flavor.

Japan Crate is very cool.  All the candy and snacks were in Japanese domestic packaging (a few had the additional, English export sticker), so each item has the cool Manga/Anime-style artwork that is ubiquitous in Japanese branding.  The box was loaded with items and carefully packed.  Though the theme of the subscription is not super unique (Japan is well-represented in the international candy sampler box community), the curation is phenomenal, since I have only seen one of the items (or a version of it) in other candy subscriptions we’ve reviewed.  The palatability was excellent — there were no seafood, kelp, or ultra salty/sour oddball selections. Everything was both authentic Japanese and attractive to a western palate.  The value is great too:  if you had used the coupon code on this crate, each item would have been under $2!  Highly recommended for any fan of Japanese candy or culture.

Visit Japan Crate to subscribe or find out more! Save $5 on your first Premium crate with coupon code hello.

The Subscription: Japan Crate
The Description: Every month receive a mystery box stuffed with premium full size Japanese candy, snacks and DIY kits. Receive anything from a sushi candy making kit to soda jello! A mini subscription is $12 with 4-6 items per month, a regular is $25 with 8-10 items and 1 guaranteed DIY kit, and the premium crate is $30 with 12-14 items. The premium crate includes a crate, DIY kit, and will have a surprise item ranging from a bag of Japanese chips to a Premium DIY kit or gashapon figure/keychain.
The Price: $25.00 per month


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  • Valerie

    Ahhh, I miss Japanese snack boxes, but with a konbini right downtown I’ve had to cut back. Calbee chips are AMAZING though. The wasabi and ginger ones are my favourite.