January 2016 Meowbox Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Meowbox is the original cat subscription box filled with fun and unique toys as well as healthy goodies. For $22.95 per month, you receive 5-7 items in the box. All edible items are sourced from Canada or the US with special attention to finding treats that are handmade, local, or grain-free. Wait until you see the kitties enjoying the box!

Love it!
Love it!

Writing my kitties name is a nice touch! Puss in Boots is the orange cat with white paws. Zelda is a calico that will be back from the farm next week. Little Lamb is a mostly white fluffy cat. Little Lamb missed out on opening the box because he was playing in the snow. He came in as I started to write the review.

A feather!
A feather!

J, my 7-year-old, loved opening the box. The feather is a nice touch.

Peeking inside the box!
Peeking inside the box!

We were excited to look into the box. Daisy, our English Shepherd, was too. She wanted the long purple toy as a baby. She grabbed it and took it into the bedroom.

The items
The items

A wonderful variety of items for the cats to enjoy!

Info Card
Information Card

Happy Mew Year! The items are listed here instead on the information card. I wonder if we will see more boxes detailing box contents on their websites. What do you think?  I prefer a paper information card.

Loofa Cat Kicker Toy by Multipet

The Loofa Cat Kicker Toy by Multipet ($13.51) is a 10″ toy! It’s a plush crinkle toy filled with catnip. The toy is a great size for kitties that hug their toys or use them to practice their bunny kicks.  Check out the photos at the end of the post to see if the cats liked it!

Trufood CocoChia Bakes

The Trufood CocoChia Bakes ($3.99) are a grain-free and wheat-free kitty treats. The treats have superfoods and fresh chicken in it. The cats ate a couple and walked away. The dog ate the leftovers without hesitation.

Maui Meow’s Cat-Nips

The Maui Meow’s Cat-Nips ($3.99) is their favorite toy in the box. It is a hand-sewn toy filled with North American Catnip. Little Lamb is playing with it by my feet as I write the review. Garfield licked it almost the whole time while I took photos for the review.

Wooly Fun Feather Barrel

The Wooly Fun Feather Barrel ($11.01) is a hand-made toy filled with organic catnip. It is made in Nepal. Puss in Boots loved this toy.

Pillow Puff
Pillow Puff Tabbie Catnip Cat Toy

The Spot Pillow Puff Catnip Cat Toy ($5.19) is a soft toy full of catnip. It has bells and ribbon loops along the edge.  It’s another toy that the kitties enjoy playing with.


An advertisement for Kuddly Pet Care was included in the box. It gives you access to veterinarians 24/7.

Now for the kitty pictures. Garfield and Puss in Boots are the reviewers!

Garfield is checking out the box
Garfield is checking out the box
Puss in Boots found a toy
Puss in Boots found a toy.
Garfield played with this toy the entire time I took photos.
Garfield played with the Maui Meow’s toy the entire time I took photos.
Puss in Boots has toys while Garfield is licking the Maui Toy.
Puss in Boots has toys while Garfield is licking the Maui Meow’s Toy.
Fun to play
Fun to play!
It's great to have four paws!
It’s great to have four paws!
I love posing for photos!
I love posing for photos!
Garfield can't decide which toy
Garfield can’t decide which toy. He has the Meow Maui’s toy by his mouth and the kicker toy in his paws.

The meowbox is a hit! The cats enjoyed the toys very much and are still playing with them hours later. The toys are well-made and fun for them. The whole family enjoyed the box and had fun playing with the kitties! The value is great for this type of box. Meowbox also donates a can of food for every box sold. A can tacking number will be sent to you so you can track your can and find out which shelter received it.

Visit meowbox to subscribe or find out more! Save 10% on your subscription! Use coupon code  HELLO10.

The Subscription: meowbox
The Description: meowbox is a cat subscription box, full of surprises, delivered to your door every month. Your meowbox is brimming with yummy treats and fun toys, specially selected for quality and uniqueness, to cater to your cat’s discriminating taste. With every meowbox you buy, they give a can of food to a shelter cat.
The Price: $22.95 per month
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  • avro5

    When we first subscribed they used to include a detailed description of what is in the box that month, then they stopped doing that and expected us to look all of it up on their web site (when did we start working for them), now they don’t even post it anymore. How are we supposed to know what we’re giving our cats?? They seem to have gotten more and more lazy. needless to say we will not be renewing our subscription.

  • Patti

    Did your Maui Meow’s toy hold up okay? My cats absolutely destroyed it within minutes and there was catnip everywhere!

    • PA Anna

      It is still in one piece. My older cat has kept it away from the younger kitties. The younger kitties have destroyed cat toys in the past.

  • AngelaR

    It looks like Garfield was making sure he got first pick of the toys. Kitties look adorable. My cats would have love this box. They go nuts over catnip toys.

    • PA Anna

      Garfield is the older of the two. Puss in Boots will wait patiently until Garfield is done.

  • Summer

    Your cats are so cute in these pics!

  • Heat7918

    Awww, I miss your kitty photos! Little Lamb next time, please. 🙂

    Did every toy have catnip? Aren’t there some cats who don’t respond well to catnip? Just curious.

    • PA Anna

      Yes, every toy in the January box had catnip. There are some cats that don’t respond well to catnip.

      There is a catnip-free toy in the Dearest Whiskers review. It also has Little Lamb pictures 🙂

      • Valerie

        My cat Cleo (we had to put her down in September ;-;) was not affected by catnip AT ALL. just did not interest her! what a weirdo.