January 2016 Loot Pets Review & Coupon

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loot pets january 2016 box
Loot Pets is a brand new monthly subscription from Loot Crate! Every month they select an assortment of geeky gear for your dog that matches the Loot Crate theme for the month. I love the pawprints on the box!

loot pets january 2016 unboxing

Time to get invaded!loot pets january 2016 booklet

Every Loot Pets crate comes with a mini-mag! Dog Mulder and Dog Scully are running from Space Invaders porting up fire hydrants and Cat UFOs sucking up dogs.

The item information is inside, as well as other content.

loot pets january 2016 review

Everything in the January Loot Pets box! FYI – international subscribers can’t get the treats – I’m not sure what the item was, but last month the replacement was a lint roller. (Updated with international item at bottom of post)

loot pets january 2016 toy leash

Exclusive Battlestar Galactica Silicone Flying Disc for Pets: This is a fun frackin toy! I thought it was funny that it was “for Pets” and not just dogs, and sure enough the baby scooped it up and ran around with it!

loot pets january 2016 space invaders leash

Exclusive Space Invaders Pet Leash: This is a REALLY awesome leash, but unfortunately the clip on it is gigantic and quite heavy – Loot Pets sends out a survey and I will be filling it out, because I was unhappy with this for my small dog. I will totally reuse the webbing in some awesome way (hello tote bag!) but that clip is just too much for a 14 pound dog. (Note that Lindy’s profile is set as small for collar and medium for shirt, because she gets antsy with a properly fitting shirt).

loot pets january 2016 charm

Exclusive Loot Pets Tag: The box also came with a bone-shaped UFO/space ship tag with a little pup inside!

loot pets january 2016 x files shirt

Exclusive Threadless X-Files Dog Shirt: This shirt is pretty awesome, and I admit – when I saw the spoilers I didn’t really notice the large figure looking over everything.

loot pets january 2016 IMG_4639

I overexposed this photo so you can see the construction of the shirt – it’s nicely well fitted for a dog!

loot pets january 2016 dog shirt

This is a great size for Lindy – covers her up, keeps her warm, but doesn’t go over her tail. Yes, she loves her collar from last month – it’s petite and padded!

loot pets january 2016 treats

Invasion of the Sweet Potato Crisps: These are manufactured by Loving Pets and made in the US. Sweet Potato is Lindy’s favorite thing. FAVORITE (ok, she likes zucchini just a little bit better but it doesn’t tend to come in dog treats too much). These were a huge hit and made only with sweet potato and rice flour.loot pets january 2016 IMG_5658

My VERY WELL SUPERVISED (just so you know!) but naughty dog climbed up on the table to get more treats. She’s a stinker. Yes, she has a peg-leg look because she was hospitalized a few weeks ago for a brief illness (she’s all better!).

loot pets january 2016 IMG_5664

Look at that schnau face! She wanted more! Obviously! Because she was on the table! I love that face!

This was a fun box and I absolutely love that Lindy and I can match! The weight of the clip on the leash was a bit of a downer because it prevents us from using it as a leash entirely, but we’ll figure out another use for it!

FYI – here’s the item in place of the treats for international subscribers!

Visit Loot Pets to subscribe or find out more! Use coupon code SAVE3 to save $3 on your first box!

The Subscription: Loot Pets
The Description: Every month, Loot Crate carefully curates and deliver pop culture gear for your pet, such as pet toys, accessories and more, all valued at $50+ USD! This doggone great crate has an item that coordinates with the human Loot Crate.
The Price: $24.99 per month


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