Hello Pineapple! The Pineapple Co Tumblers

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pineapple co tumblers box Y’all know how much I love pineapples! I was hanging out on Instagram (you can follow me here!) and found these sweet pineapple tumblers from The Pineapple Co (a new brand from the same company that does Carryon Cocktail and Mason Shakers) and I couldn’t resist!

pineapple co tumblers unboxing

The packaging for the newest pineapple to fulfill your obsessive pineapple needs comes in a beautiful gift box! I’m not sure for what, but I will be reusing these!

We love pineapples.

maybe it’s because the pineapple has long been recognized as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. Welcome others to your home with our collection of home goods, including pineapple tumblers, shot glasses and cocktail accessories.

pineapple co tumblers pineapples

Yeah, I bought two.  The marks on the pineapples don’t match up perfectly, and in fact the finish on the top of one of them is different than the other. They’re brass, come in three colors (also in rose gold and silver), and 3 sizes – the tumbler, the shot glass, and the large tumbler.

pineapple co tumblers tumblers

The MSRP for the tumblers is $35, but you can get them for $29 – I have all the links below.

I love the vintage inspired design, and also, pineapple.

pineapple co tumblers bottom top

You just take apart the pineapple (the thing on the right is the bottom of the base) and set the cup on top of the pineapple fronds!

pineapple co tumblers goblet

Tada! A fun and funky beverage cup perfect for a tropical beverage. I love them, they’re super cute, and I can use them for decor while I’m not drinking out of them.

You can find The Pineapple Co’s Pineapple Tumbler for $35 on their site, $29 at Urban Outfitters (I bought two for free shipping! It was hard to say no… and they came 2 days later!), and there’s some limited availability on Amazon. I just found more at Nordstrom too (plus the large one).

If you’d like to see more evidence of my pineapple love, check out the Pineapple Gift Guide and my Lily for Target Haul. I’m thinking someone needs to put together a pineapple subscription box… I would totally subscribe!

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  • Adeline

    awesome post

  • PA Anna

    Love it!

  • Jenny

    HaHaHa this post just makes me smile. 🙂

    • Brandy

      🙂 you know for sure i thought your first comment tonight would be on my ipsy bag!!

      • Jenny

        hehe we watched Antman tonight and this post popped up on my fb feed so it was the first I saw. It still makes me smile and I’m not overly a pineapple person.

        • Brandy

          your heart knows that pineapples are DA BEST!

          i should do movie/wine night. GREAT IDEA!!!! my kids are actually asleep!