Hello Fresh Vegetarian Box January 2016 Review + Coupon

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Hello Fresh is a meal kit subscription box where you’ll get the recipes and ingredients to make 3 meals for two (or 4) every week. Hello Fresh is a subscription, but you can pause your deliveries whenever you’d like. They offer both vegetarian and regular (omnivore) boxes – this is the vegetarian box! We aren’t vegetarian but we cook vegetarian meals three times a week for our health. 

Hello Fresh instructions have very nice illustrations, are clearly written, and even lets you know nutrition info, prep time, and which recipes are best to make first. Even a novice cook can follow them.

Hello Fresh sends all the sauces, bouillon and such in individual serving packets or in off-the-shelf brand name packaging; although it means a little more packaging, they survive shipping better than the plastic cups used by Plated. I like that the outer packaging of the box is recyclable.Stove Top Shells and Cheddar

Stovetop Shells and Cheddar with Crispy Breadcrumbs and Roasted Carrots. 35 mins, level 1, 758 cal.

Happy 2016 New Year Hello Fresh!   It’s been quite a year since I started receiving my Hello Fresh boxes of food.  I’ve enjoyed taking the pictures, cooking, eating and writing about them. Well, the first recipe I tried tonight lets me know that 2016 will continue with fabulous recipes.  I also, saw a commercial tonight about Hello Fresh having Jamie Oliver as one of their new chefs.  I’m a big fan of Jamie Oliver so I’m super excited.

Tonight’s recipe has a fancy name for macaroni and cheese; however, it’s an adult version with onions and panko.  Talk about delicious!  I had my husband make this as I have been sick with a cold.  My husband can grill meat, make pancakes and follow simple directions on box mixes so I was a little worried.  No fear, the directions were clear and the food came out perfectly.Stove Top Shells and Cheddar dish

And we are both fans of roasted vegetables so pairing the shells and cheddar with roasted carrots, was a good combination.

This recipe/dinner was a 10 for us.  Roasted Acorn Squash & Coconut-Curry Sauce

Roasted Acorn Squash & Coconut-Curry Sauce with Gingered Fried Rice. 45 mins, level 1, 700 cal.

Another great meal by Hello Fresh.  Tonight I invited my parents over for dinner.  I let them pick out which recipe they wanted tonight and this is the one they selected.  While making the dinner my mom commented that it was taking awhile to make.  First, I didn’t mention this to her but they came early, so I wasn’t quite prepared.  Also, what she failed to realize that hindered the progress was that we also had 2 grandkids over, ages 21 months and 8 years old.  The 8 year old was my sous chef and when you have an 8 year old sous chef it takes longer than normal!  I did point out that overall it takes so much less time because:  1)  I didn’t have to go through my recipes to pick something out, 2) I didn’t have to go buy the stuff, and 3) I didn’t have to hunt for the ingredients in my huge pantry and 2 1/2 refrigerators!  So with parents and unexpected grandkids over we made this meal.Roasted Acorn Squash & Coconut-Curry Sauce hello fresh

I absolutely loved the curry sauce but my dad isn’t too much into spicy so he wasn’t that excited about it.  My folks are 81 and 79 and definitely old school where you always peel the squash.  I commented that’s what we also did until we tried Hello Fresh and we have started eating the peel. My mom tried it and liked it but not so much with dad.  He’s pretty much a meat and potatoes kind of guy but I’m proud of him for trying it.

This meal served all 4 of us but I must admit that we did have some appetizers, nothing wrong with that.  The recipe mentions discarding the seeds, nope, don’t do it.  We always wash the seeds removing them from the fibrous strands, add a little oil, salt and pepper, roast about 15 minutes. Yum.  If they’re roasted just right, they’ll be nice and brown and you won’t have to remove the seed from the seed shell, just eat all of it.

Husband and folks rated this at 8, I gave it a 9.Vegetable Minestrone hello fresh

Vegetable Minestrone with Tuscan Kale, Cannellini Beans, and Parmesan. 30 mins, level 1, 391 calories.

Kale is a wonderful vegetable.  There’s just something about the chewiness that I love.  And being that it’s in this soup, well, I just loved it.  It’s totally amazing to me with so few ingredients that you can cook something so tasty.  This soup had lots of taste.  Both my husband and I had 2 servings and there’s still another bowl in the refrigerator waiting for my lunch.Vegetable Minestrone

This is Italy’s favorite winter comfort dish and it was comforting to eat this on a cold night, cold for northwest Florida anyway!

We rated this soup a 9.  Toasted Italian bread would have been a great accompaniment.

And here are next week’s recipes! Boxes for the next week close on Wednesday nights.

Visit Hello Fresh to select your box for next week!  Take $40 off your first box with coupon code 7UT7K8.

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