Escape Monthly January 2016 Spoilers + 40% Off First Box!

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Escape Monthly is going to India in January! Get the box (see spoilers below) and save 40% off your first box with this link.

Learn about the culture in this months special DVD that takes you into the heart of India’s biggest cities! Eat some of the traditional foods, drink some of the traditional tea and cook with some of the traditional spices from India! 

January 2016 Spoilers

For the very first month of 2016 we’re going to India in all it’s glory! We found some great items for this months box, but the one that we’re the most proud of is the Shashi India Spice Blend. It has an INCREDIBLE story behind it that will tug at your heart strings!

To go along with the Indian dish you create with your India Spice Blend, we’re sending you some dessert of Soan Papdi! What is that you ask? Well read below for that information!
This months Standard box includes 9 unique items that represent India and will give you a taste and a glimpse like you’ve never seen before!

Shashi India Spice Blend – Shashi is a woman from Udaipur, in the northwestern part of India, who needed to find a way to make a living when her husband died. Brahmin by marriage, culture and tradition limited the jobs she could accept. Cooking helped her work through her grief after her husband died and, fortunately, running a cooking school was an acceptable way for Shashi to earn a living. Now you can use a little of Shashi’s custom spice blend in your own kitchen as you try dishes like chicken tikka masala, biryani rice and coconut veggie curry. Shashi’s combination of cumin seed, mustard seed, turmeric, paprika, coriander powder, fenugreek leaves, dried mango and fennel will literally spice up your life!

Haldiram’s Premium Soan Papdi – Here it is, the Festival of Ganesh and you’re at a loss for a hostess gift. Or are you? Soan Papdi is one of northern India’s most popular sweets. Made with garbanzo bean flour, wheat flour, clarified butter, sugar, rose water and fragrant cardamom.  Haldiram’s Premium Soan Papdi also features almonds and pistachios. The sweet is frequently gifted to a dinner host during Indian festivals. The small squares have a crisp and flaky texture and they almost instantly melt in your mouth.

Use this link to save 40% on the India box! Have you ever had Sohan Papdi? I have! I used to live down the street from an Indian sweets shop! I’m really liking the looks of this box!

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