Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men Review & Coupons

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Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men box

Clarisonic Alpha Fit is a sonic cleanser designed for men’s skin. Hand-held and highly-portable, it is designed for twice daily use and is suitable for both clean-shaven and bearded faces. The Alpha Fit oscillates the bristles on the brush heads at 300 movements per second to cleanse your skin by removing dirt and oil, unclogging your pores, and preparing your beard for a shave. If you don’t shave, it still cleanses beneath your beard.  The MSRP on the Alpha Fit is $189.

While we have a full chart comparing the different Clarisonic models, this is their only offering specifically designed for men and men’s skincare needs, which is typically thicker and oiler than women’s skin.

Where to buy Clarisonic Alpha Fit Men & Discounts

If you already have your mind made up, here’s where you can buy this device, plus the best savings on a Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men

Amazon: Alpha Fit Men – No discount

Birchbox: Alpha Fit Men – Check our directory for 20% off coupon codes for the Birchbox Shop

Clarisonic: Alpha Fit Men – No discount, will occasionally have a sale. Can try/return.

Nordstron: Alpha Fit Men – No discount

Sephora: Alpha Fit Men – No discount, can earn points

Skinstore: Alpha Fit Men – Often (perhaps always) offers coupons off a $200 purchase – add a brush head to reach the required purchase minimum for the deal. In our experience, this is the best deal.

What Comes with the Clarisonic Alpha Fit
Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men review

Everything in the kit — device with cover, charging base with adapter, cleanser, and quick start guide.Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men case

The Alpha Fit has only two buttons and is simple to use.  The +/- button toggles between the two timed settings, and the power button starts the Alpha Fit, or terminates the cycle early, if needed.  An indicator light turns from green to yellow to red, indicating the charge level left in the device.Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men IMG_3854

The documentation contains the necessary technical info on the product, but it is not really needed.  The device is really simple to operate and charge, and the quick start guide covers everything you need to know.  The Alpha Fit itself is designed for use in the shower, and you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.  The charging base, however, should be kept away from water and treated like other electronic devices.Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men charger

The unit comes with a cool charging base, complete with USB plug and wall adapter.  The base charges the Alpha Fit with only contact between the two — you don’t need to actually plug the Alpha Fit into the base.  I love this feature, as it charges in its stand and is always ready to go.  Plus, the device remains completely waterproof because there is no plug opening. Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men brush

The bristles at the top of the device are soft on your skin, but they carry the sonic vibrations that perform all the work.  They serve as a great lathering brush, too, spreading the cleanser around your face.  The device as a whole is very compact, fitting comfortably in your hand like a large shaving brush.  I loved that it didn’t have an additional handle like my wife’s Clarisonic, which I have also tested out.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men insides

The brush head comes off for occasional cleaning.  It gets soft after six months of use, so it should be replaced with a new brush head to maintain effectiveness.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men cleansing gel

The facial cleanser included in the kit is infused with caffeine, which increases circulation to your skin.  This aids in clearing blemishes and in healing stressed skin.  It has a light and pleasant scent, and it lathers slightly when applied using the Alpha Fit.  You can use any of your favorite cleansers with the Alpha Fit, so t can become part of your current routine if you love the products you have now. Birchbox Man is a great way to test out new grooming products to use with your Alpha Fit.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit for Men instructions

The two settings use the same sonic calibration, but the beard setting doubles the time of the second cycle to allow you to really work your bearded areas.  In either setting, you begin by gliding the Alpha Fit across your forehead, temples, and hairline, as well as along the T-zone and nose.  The second phase is for mouth, cheeks, and jawline.  The final phase is for your neck.  The timing function is extremely useful, particularly if you tend to lose track of time in the shower.  A brief stutter in the vibration marks the end of the first and second phases, so you know when to move to the next area without having to keep track of time.

clarisonic alpha fit before

The Alpha Fit is a pleasure to use.  It is designed for twice-daily cleansing, but I saw results using it once daily.  I worked it into my shower routine, and I witnessed an improvement in my skin within the first week of use.  I tend to have issues with in-grown hairs and blemish-producing clogged pores.  My in-growns that never heal actually cleared up and healed well.  The Alpha Fit also helped greatly with the general appearance and feel of my skin.  My forehead, nose, and cheeks are very smooth and exfoliated after use, and I can feel the difference immediately.  The vibrations and brushes really get down through my beard and stubble.  The unit is super convenient to use, too.  It times the cleaning cycle for me, and it holds a charge for a very long time — I forgot to take it from the shower to the charger for several days in a row, and the battery light remained green, even with daily use during that time.  (Note from the wife – the Clarisonic will hold a charge forever, I charge mine very infrequently!)  It is also a very compact and portable device, so it fits in a drawer or a dopp kit for travel.

I am very happy with the Alpha Fit and recommend it highly.

Although all the deals for the Clarisonic Alpha Fit at the top of the page,if you missed it, Skinstore is the least expensive place to pick one up – with $50 off $200, you’ll be saving around 23% (don’t forget to add a brush head to reach the required purchase minimum)!

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