Bombas Socks Review: The Socks I Wish Had a Subscription, But Don’t

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bombas package

Bombas are magical socks with no subscription. I know this is blowing your mind, because if you have been a subscription box addict for any length of time, you’ve surely run across them (or at the GAP!). Bombas “bee better” because they’re built on honeycomb technology to support your tired tootsies and feature long staple Peruvian cotton. They also have a buy one give one program, and unlike many of those types of charitable corporate programs, they actually give socks with the same technology to those in need – but even make them better with fibers that are designed to wear on the street. That’s neat.

bombas review

Bombas come in a rainbow of colors, and in ankle length and longer lengths, and perhaps most importantly to me – they come in two sock sizes! For both men and women! In addition to the standard athletic fare, there’s also a merino wool version. They make one kids’/youth size as well. Bombas for all!

bombas socks

While the Bombas calf socks feature stay-up technology (which I cannot speak to, because I will not wear socks that go above my ankles), the ankle socks have a neat little blister tab at the back.

bombas back of socks

You will notice that the seam over the toes is lay-flat, and does not go over the tips of the toes, which is infuriating.

bombas pair socks

The sweet honeycomb knit actually really does hug your feet. They’re like mini compression socks.

bombas heel

Bombas‘ heel is Y-stitched, and have you ever seen a thing of beauty like a heel that actually fits properly? I wear a size 6.5 shoe and cannot wear regular sized socks. They’re just too big. Bombas are perfection.

Perfect fit, perfect snugness, no toe tyranny, gives back to charity. I have attained sock glory.

Bombas do not have awesome patterns like most sock subscriptions, but like most other people with small feet that refuse to wear tall socks, I’ll have to make do.

You can check out Bombas here. They cost about $11 each, but you can buy them in a giant pack of Bombas goodness and you’l be good to go.

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  • Dougdenslowe

    Is there any difference in the Gap Bombas and the Bombas sold from their website?Does anyone know if there is a difference,and if so,what is the difference?Thanks!

  • onderria

    I just got some of these from Birchbox! I am glad to see your rave review–I bought them only because I like socks and wanted one more item on my order =D My feet are huge [11], so I’ve been buying men’s socks, and I got the orange Bombas in men’s. Fingers crossed I love them and can use all my BB points to buy more!

  • PA Anna

    I became excited thinking it was a subscription box. Bombas socks are great! My older son loves them for sports and everyday wear.