Moustache Coffee Club December 2015 Subscription Review + Free Trial

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Moustache Coffee Club December 2015 box

December is a great time to load up on coffee, as you’ll want to have plenty on hand to serve guests or to make an extra cup to gird against the cold.  Moustache Coffee Club  is a coffee subscription box featuring freshly roasted single origin beans that are shipped the day they are roasted.  They feature certain roasters that appear quite frequently, but with different offerings (and always good quality).

Moustache Coffee Club offers several different plans, depending on your coffee demands, as few as a bag a month to as many as one five-pound bag every week.  You can get your first bag free by signing up. You may cancel anytime and if you don’t like the coffee you can get a refund or double the coffee.  I have not yet had to use their refund policy.

Moustache Coffee Club December 2015 bag

 Mustache ships its coffee in sealed bags (they would be hermetic, if not for the specially-designed vent), so the coffee is always fresh from the roaster when it arrives — the bag is also resealable to maintain the freshness.

Moustache Coffee Club December 2015 review

I received Finca Los Congos from Neuva Segovia, Nicaragua.  The beans were roasted by Lord Windsor.

Moustache includes notes about each coffee on the bag. Here: Sweet Lemons, Juicy Berries, Passion Fruit, & Milk Chocolate.  The tasting notes were a good summary of the coffee’s flavor notes.

We have received this varietal before, and from the same origin.  The roaster, however was different.  The last time I tried the Finca Los Congos from Neuva Segovia, Nicaragua, it was roasted by Alana’s Coffee Roasters.  When Alana’s Coffee Roasters prepared this bean, it had the following Tasting Notes: Honey, Caramel, Coco, Toasted Almond, Butter.  Those were also accurate at the time.  This is a great example of how preparation, roasting, and also weather from year to year, impacts the qualities of a bean.

Moustache Coffee Club December 2015 note

The note no longer seems to say anything about the coffee — all the pertinent information about the beans is included on the bag itself.

moustache coffee review

This was a very tasty selection.  I shared a cup with some guests (my folks were in town), and they noted the milk chocolate and lemon qualities.  The overall presence of the bean is still very light, but the Lord Windsor version brings out a bit more of the chocolate and fruitiness, whereas the Alana’s had more honey, caramel, and light notes.  I think the current version makes a better cool weather brew.

Visit Moustache Coffee Club to find out more, subscribe, or get a free trial bag (or a $5 credit to your first shipment).

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