GardenBox Subscription Box Review – December 2015

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GardenBox December 2015 box

Garden Box is a monthly subscription box that makes it really easy to have fresh, nutrient-dense microgreens at hand year-round.

GardenBox December 2015 unboxing

Each month, you receive two pre-seeded trays.  Each is dry and vacuum-wrapped in plastic.

GardenBox December 2015 diy microgreens

Our first two varieties were radish and kohlrabi.

GardenBox December 2015 kohlrabi

The kohlrabi is mild and takes 10 days to reach maturity. Each tray comes with complete instructions for growing!

GardenBox December 2015 radish

The super-peppery radish only takes 8 days to reach harvesting height.

gardenbox trays

The dry trays are studded with hundreds of seeds.  Nothing needs to be done with the soil, other than to unwrap it and keep it moist.

gardenbox IMG_4633

Several glasses of water were required to hydrate the soil.  After the initial watering, it is recommended that you water along the edges of the tray each day (to avoid disturbing the young shoots).

gardenbox IMG_4634

After a day, the seeds had germinated, but no growth was visible.

gardenbox 3 days side

Within a few days, the sprouts had taken hold.gardenbox 3 days top

After the first few days, the plants really took off!

gardenbox review microgreens IMG_2288

Less than a full week from first watering, we had greens that were suitable for harvesting.

gardenbox review microgreens IMG_2289

I was impressed at how evenly the trays were seeded — all available space produced a plant.gardenbox review microgreens IMG_2327

After a week, the plants were ready to eat.  The Radish was big and ready to cut.  The kohlrabi had a little room left to grow.  The greens were fine at this point, but they could get a little bigger without being overgrown.

gardenbox review microgreens IMG_5100

After the one week mark, the plants started getting a little unruly.  You can harvest them over several days, but the window of peak maturity isn’t indefinite.  I think the best thing to do is plan a harvest meal and clean out your garden after several days of small harvests. gardenbox review microgreens IMG_5101

The yield from the trays was tremendous.

gardenbox review microgreens recipes

Each tray was a accompanied by a recipe using the green.  Aside from the provided recipes, these greens are great sprinkled on any main dish, whether a stew or a large cut of meat or fish.  Of course, they are great as a salad green.

gardenbox review microgreens review

A couple small handfuls of the radish greens (left) and kohlrabi.  The radish was intensely peppery, and chewing a mouthful was a bit like biting down on a peppercorn.  A sweet and acidic dressing would go well with this green, rounding out the strong bite.  The kohlrabi was much milder, with a light, radishy taste, but no peppery fire.  This green would be great paired with even a mild dish.

We liked the idea of having fresh greens available for the picking.  The trays were incredibly simple to grow, and the production was really high.  In fact, the most difficult part of this box is eating all of the greens while they are at optimum maturity!

Visit GardenBox to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: GardenBox
The Description: Bring farm-to-table freshness into your home kitchen with GardenBox. Each month, you will receive two pre-planted artisanal indoor gardens. With just a little watering, you will have fresh and nutritious micro greens and herbs ready to eat in less than two weeks. These delicious, tender, and beautiful greens can be used to add zesty flavor to salads, replace unhealthy condiments, and make any simple meal look and taste like fine dining. Baby microgreens are packed with nutrition, containing 4-6 times greater nutrient density than their fully-grown veggie counterparts. Includes recipes for culinary inspiration.
The Price: $35.00 per month


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