Dia & Co Plus Size Personal Styling Subscription Review – December 2015

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dia & co december 2015 box

Dia & Co is a monthly personal styling subscription for plus-sized women. It’s pretty much just like Stitch Fix for plus sizes – Fill out your profile and sizing information, pay a $20 styling fee (refundable against anything you choose to keep), and have 5 items selected by a stylist sent straight to your home to try on. Dia & Co includes free shipping each way. If you keep all 5 items from your box, you’ll receive a 20% discount.

dia & co december 2015 unboxing dia & co december 2015 stack

The box itself came packaged very neatly.dia & co december 2015 invoice

It included an invoice showing the price of each item plus my potential discount.dia & co december 2015 information

A stylist’s letter was included too.

When I signed up, these were the styles I selected. I also wrote that “I love ponchos, capes, etc.” and noted that I like critter prints. I should also say that I’m an avid Stitch Fix subscriber and live in the land where I can use both services (I generally wear a large or XL). I’m apple shaped so oftentimes plus size clothes fit me better, but often they don’t.

dia & co december 2015 review

Everything in my box!

dia & co december 2015 Lace Crop Top

Lace Crop Top – $34.99: I honestly could never see myself wearing this piece! It was somewhat obscenely short and the sleeves were out of control! I questioned why they would send this to someone who indicated they were apple-shaped!

dia & co december 2015 IMG_2117

dia & co december 2015 Fashion to Figure - Peplum Top

Fashion to Figure – Peplum Top – $36.90: I loved the idea of this top (and the price!). The color was great and the top part looked good on me (note that we stuck it on top of the lace shirt for this photo – you have to wear something underneath it, unless it’s Valentine’s Day and, well, you know).dia & co december 2015 IMG_2108

The bottom peplum didn’t work for me (again, why send this to someone with my body shape? I just didn’t get it!).

dia & co december 2015 IMG_2114

BB Dakota – Faux Leather Shearling Vest – $95.00: This was a pretty big no for me. I don’t think vests are flattering at all on me, although at least this one is lengthening.

dia & co december 2015 IMG_2113

It had nice pockets and is from a respected brand.dia & co december 2015 BB Dakota - Faux Leather Shearling Vest

The stylist suggested wearing it with the dress below.

dia & co december 2015 BB Dakota - Three-quarter Sleeve Crepe Dress BB Dakota – Three-quarter Sleeve Crepe Dress – $72.00: I gave this dress the benefit of the doubt, but it looked like a bag when I was wearing it too. It may look great on someone else, but I prefer a shaped cut.

dia & co december 2015 IMG_2111

Surprisingly I could wear this dress with a bra!

dia & co december 2015 Hayden LA - Plaid Tunic

Hayden LA – Plaid Tunic – $42.00: This one was actually a bit tight on my chest, although the stylist did take note of my height and said I could wear it as a dress (she was right).

dia & co december 2015 IMG_2116

Jen was in town that day so I made her wear it. She thought it was too big on the bottom, and she’s an entire foot taller than me (and the best best friend ever. Also, she’s going to make me put photography signs on my front door…).

I had quite a mixed experience with my first box and didn’t keep any items. I left my criticisms (whyyyyyy lace top whyyyy) for the stylists and honestly have been a little surprised they didn’t reach out to me as a customer and refund my styling fee. I thought the first two choices were total misses. I generally enjoyed the style of the items but I felt the specific things I mentioned were ignored and that the stylists didn’t take into account the whimsical sense of clothing I have (hello critter prints!!) when selecting the items. I’m hoping for a better box next month. Have you tried Dia & Co?

Visit Dia & Co to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Dia & Co
The Description: Dia & Co specializes is sizes 14-32. Complete your online style profile. Tell us about your unique style & shape. Keep what fits, return what doesn’t. Only pay for what you love. Like Stitch Fix for plus-size.
The Price: $20.00 per month


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  • Amanda

    I don’t know how many boxes I have had now but as mentioned in the comments below … disputed leaving feedback of what you like and don’t like they send the same mistakes .. told them do not send me anymore skinner jeans have enough.. in almost but one that they sent me after that had skinny jeans. I am tall told them I like longer op/ shirts all short shirt. Think I am going to cancel .

  • Heather

    I tried Dia & Co. on-and-off for 6 months and was, overall, disappointed. My stylists rotated with each box and, out of six boxes, there was only one that actually had more than one piece I might keep. My last box had FOUR purses in it and a jacket, after I indicated no accessories or outerwear. I wonder if they just got too big too fast? I was a little miffed to find pieces from Junarose and Taylor Plus (both brands I discovered through Dia) on Amazon for about 1/2 the price. It’s hit-or-miss (sometimes they’re full price, sometimes they’re discounted) but at least I’m not waiting a month to be disappointed. I hope Dia improves or another company can figure out their mistakes.


    I just got my first box yesterday. Didn’t try the items on yet but I LOVE everything in the box and am anxious to try it on tonite. I wrote a fairly detailed intro to what I liked and didn’t like to wear initially and just from appearances, it looks like they listened. I’ll post more when I try it on but for appearance sake, so far, it’s a hit.

  • Alysa

    I’m so glad, and also so disappointed, that I’m not the only one that’s had the same experience with Dia & Co. I’m a 14/XL, so I live in a world where I can (and do) subscribe to both Stitchfix and Dia & Co, but I felt SO ignored too! My first box was kind of a hidden mess, and I figured, OK well they’re just getting to know me, they’re just getting to know my style. I’ll help them out. They had a link to my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest dream closet page from the get go, but I added to that. I responded with comments on every single piece I liked, and didn’t like. I added pictures of myself in every single piece they gave me, even the ones I sent back. I also uploaded pictures of me in clothes that I already owned and liked, including full body shot so they could see an idea of my body shape. And I sent multiple notes talking about my style and what brands I went to when I was shopping normally and how they fit me and why I liked them. I mentioned that I was looking for a few simple to find things in my next box. something along the lines of a new pair of jeans, may be a cardigan, or chiffon blouse. What did I get? None of them. I can’t find a good plus size clothing fashion box! I even subscribe to RentTheRunway for a hot second one I found out what a wide variety of people they cater to, and I did find my size on there, but they didn’t have the variety of day today outfits I was looking for, so after a month of fun high fashion I canceled. If anyone knows a good, monthly fashion subscription that’s along the same lines as Dia & Co, by all means pass it along. I’ve looked into other plus size boxes but I’ve read a lot of bad reviews, so I’m hesitant…

  • Sara

    I tried Dia&Co for a few months too and didn’t have a good experience either. I feel that most bloggers and youtubers get better brands and listened to more. But I’m sorry your box didn’t match your tastes either. I asked for colors and patterns and got nothing but black and white items for a couple months. October’s box nothing fit at all, period, couldn’t even get some on. I complained in every one of my surveys and even emailed customer service and nothing. I specifically asked for a tulle skirt in September, since they said you could request things and even sent an email about tulle skirts, I didn’t get one until December. November I didn’t get a box, was even charged for it, and didn’t get a refund or an explanation until I complained on their FB on Dec 1st, that I didn’t get a November box even though I paid for it. They were pretty quick to explain on FB that they were waiting on some things to be restocked. I got a December box and sent everything back too and canceled. It wasn’t worth throwing $20 down the drain every month. I love the idea of it, and agree it’s filling a niche in the market. But it’s not working well. The youtubers get brands like Asos, Fashion to Figure, Kiyonna, etc. I got the same house brands every time. I too want to love this subscription, I’m plus size and love clothes, but they didn’t listen to me, my opinions or requests at all.

    • Brandy

      FYI, Jen’s review is going up today in about an hour. I honestly think they have their market wrong – their primary market is Stitch Fix, but plus size. Not fashion bloggers. I know for sure Jen & I don’t want Lane Bryant in a box. The only thing I’ve really heard so far about it is that they didn’t do a good job translating profiles to clothes.

      I do love Stitch Fix but I didn’t like my box this month. SF knows my blog and all that, D&C doesn’t, it wasn’t a review box or anything like that. I did give them the same pinboard I give to SF.

    • Paula

      My recent boxes have had the brands Modamix, Kiyonna, Fashion to Fit, Naked Zebra, and a few others I didn’t recognize. Things have mostly worked out fine though I have gotten a lot of things that aren’t really the style I asked for…i can’t really wear faux leather dresses to work, or leggings-as-pants, and I don’t do things on the weekend that really call for that sort of thing. But I have been getting at least one thing in each box that is fabulous, and one thing in each box that is just out of my comfort zone, and some meh things, and necklaces that all kind of look alike. :/

  • JennyB

    I just unboxed my second Dia Box. I am so disappointed. In my first box I was sent items and colors that I said I did not want, sizes that were off, and items that were too dressy for the every day stay at home mom look that I asked for. I made very clear comments when I sent items back, but my 2nd box that I opened today repeated the misses from the first box. I feel like the style profile I created and the comments I made from my first box were totally ignored. This is very sad because I feel Dia is trying to fill a much needed niche. Did they get too big too fast and now can’t personalize in the way they promise too? If this is the case they need to hire more stylists and/or put a cap on the number of clients. Their site describes phone calls and personal emails from their stylists, but no one has reached out to me. I so wanted to love this service, spend some money on clothes, and shout it to the rooftops. I’d be a great customer, but they are probably going to lose me. 🙁

    • Amanda

      I totally agree. I only have one box under my fashion belt, but that was my experience as well.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed for box two!