December 2015 Walmart Beauty Box Review – Winter 2015-2016 Box

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walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 box

Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly sample box – just $5 for the shipping and handling. It is not my favorite beauty box (I prefer Birchbox – you can get high end samples monthly for the same price after points – see my last Birchbox reviews), or another of the beauty boxes once in a while for the same price, and come home with full size and deluxe samples. But if you want a sampling experience for items you can buy at Walmart, this is your box.

walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 unboxing

Remember that I’m over 35, so I get the “old lady box” based on my profile. Some people call it the “classic” box and the box for younger women the “trendy” box.

walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 review

This box was frankly terrible!

walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 coconut body butter

Nspa by Nirvana Spa Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich Body Butter ($3.75 on Amazon, $1.37 at Walmart) This is a nice smelling product, but I didn’t understand why it had mineral oil in it or any of the other weird ingredients. It’s a cream, not a body butter.  It will go for my husband’s feet (he’s using mineral oil heel things right now for his feet).

walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 pantene pure silk

Pantene Pro-V Style Series Extra Strong Hold Hairspray: This product appears to be no longer on the market and has been replaced by Pro-V Stylers Anti-Humidity Maximum Hold Hairspray (32¢). I felt like this was confusing, although it’s likely the same exact formula. I felt that this was better suited for a summer box and would have liked to see a flexible hold hairspray for winter.

Pure Silk Rich & Luxurious Shave Cream – Raspberry Mist (83¢ on, 50¢ at Walmart) This moisturizing shave cream smells good and has aloe!

This box (generously) has $4.90 in products in it – $2.19 if you use the Walmart prices.

walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 vitamints pure bees

I also received a sample of Centrum Vitamints (23¢) and a packet of Burt’s Bees Renewal Intensive Firming Serum with Hibiscus and Apple Rejuvenating Complex (90¢!). These are both nice to try.

walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 coupons

I got a card swatch set for Clairol Root Touch up (includes $2 coupon), a $5 coupon for Women’s Rogaine Foam.

walmart beauty box winter 2015 2016 more coupons

A sample of Jennifer Aniston the Fragrance ($3 coupon), Loreal Paris True Match $1 Coupon (and a peel thing that you put over your skin to see if it matches – no product), Cover Girl Star Wars booklet with $3 off 2 eye products coupon (seriously?), Save $3 on any ROC anti-aging product, and $3 off any one Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer, plus a tone perfecting cream sample (25¢).

I do not typically value small foil packets of inexpensive products, but giving all benefit of the doubt, this box had a maximum value of $1.38 in the foil samples, so $3.57 according to Walmart pricing (or $6.28 if you use internet pricing). This was totally unacceptable!

I believe the above box is the winter box for younger women.

#WalmartBeautyBox A photo posted by Esther Ruiz (@pnktv) on

This box with cotton swabs would have been an upgrade on mine!

What did you think about your box?

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  • Gina DeBoe

    I have no idea what was in my box because I never received it. I will tell everyone I come in contact not to bother with this at all. I cancelled my subscription and received an email stating “Thanks for contacting Walmart Customer Care. Your subscription is now cancelled. You will no longer be charged for or receive any boxes. Thank you for trying the Walmart Beauty Box.”

    I replied asking to be refunded since I did not receive anything. No response yet.

    • Brandy

      🙁 If you don’t hear back soon I suggest doing a chargeback with your credit card company.

  • Kayla

    I just got my winter box and my first box period and I thought it was a joke until I saw your review. I got the young box and it’s absolute crap. Mouthwash? Really? I’m giving it one more time to see what spring brings and if it’s the same, I’m Unsubbing.

  • Jessica

    Just got my first beauty box from Walmart, the winter version. My box seems to include different things than many of the others I’ve seen on blogs. I was super pleased as I had the following:

    Leopard print cotton swaps –awesome!
    Dove body wash in a citrus scent–very good!
    Coconut body cream–seems to be in all the boxes. I like it, but don’t love it. Still a decently sized product.
    Pantene hair spray–I actually use travel hair sprays a lot for over night trips and post-gym.
    Vera Wang perfume sample in Rose and vanilla –not a fan, but it was a nice enough sample in a spray vial.
    Aveeno face cream in a berry scent.
    Hair ties–I have a short do’ that can’t gather up a ponytail, but these will be passed on to a friend.
    Aveeno spf lotion in same berry scent as the face cream.
    Neutrogena face wash–awesome for travel and gym.
    Crest Tooth whitening 2 step in foil packet.
    Burt’s Bee renewal sample in a foil-like packet.

    Not sure if they rolled out the red carpet for my first box or not, but I am pleased with what I got for a mere $5. I am 39, BUT I did list my birthdate as younger after seeing some of the other boxes. Still, my items seem different?!!

  • MACupGrl

    I received the EXACT same box.???Granted I am 41 yrs old, I think this box SUCKED! I would much rather have a mascara, lipstick or gloss as these products. It was totally NOT WORTH the $5 to ship. Alot of the samples were ones I have received in previous boxes. Hoping the Spring box is so much better.

  • Del

    Thanks for saving me the subscription! I wouldn’t use any of those coupons or products, even if free.

  • Rachael Buckley

    I got the exact same old lady box that you did. I’m horrified. I actually thought my box had to be missing some items. And pardon me, but I don’t have thinning hair and I don’t color my hair. So those coupons count for absolutely nothing. I don’t mind not getting a full-sized item (even though I’ve subscribed for a year and we usually do get one), but only 3 full-size samples? That’s pathetic. And I get better foil samples from CVS free when they ship online orders. I’ll wait for the spring box just out of curiosity. After that, I can find a better use for 5 bucks.

  • Dawn S

    I would have been thrilled to get the boxes some of you got. I received a dandruff shampoo (I don’t even have dandruff), the hair ties (that hurt if you ask me) and the hair spray (I don’t use hairspray). That is it along with coupons. So very disappointed. I had really enjoyed Walmart in the past, yes there were some unique items but this just made me sad.

  • Tiffany

    I received both boxes and I am extremely disappointed. I had high hopes since it was Xmas time. SMH @ Walmart Beauty Box Team

  • Victoria

    I have the young box, and the only thing I received that was different was a pack of Goody slide proof elastics…. I’ll be giving these away. I’m actually jealous that you received so many discount coupons, even if it’s just for Rogaine. I only received 3. I’m appalled by this winter box- especially with Target starting to bring their A game.

  • Kelly

    I just got my winter box. Like many of you ladies, I am also very disappointed. I expect at least one full size product in a box. I got a full size product in my summer box, and again in my fall box. I was pleased with both my previous boxes, but not this one. I am not unsubbing just yet. I am holding out to see the value of my next box.

  • Donna McLaren

    I unsubscribed after opening this box of pure crap. I have never gotten anywhere close to $5 worth in any box. I can buy my own full sized make up (Revlon) on sale, with extra bucks, and with coupons I get in the paper and online, and pay less than the crap in these boxes. This box was the ultimate insult. This beauty box is the biggest SCAM ever.

  • heidi

    The old lady box sucked. The last few boxes i enjoyed mascara (full size) and lipsticks……i’ll give it one more shot, but if the spring box is this lame, Im out…..

  • Natalie Brown

    Oh wow, this box is quite sad. I change my age so I get the “young” person’s box. Hopefully, it will be better but the IG photo doesn’t look to exciting either. Thanks for the review.

  • Ricki

    So I turned 35 right after receiving the Fall box. I got the exact same Winter box as you and was highly disappointed (although I was happy about the shave cream because I am almost out). Thinking of going in and changing my age, although that younger box didn’t really look any better.

  • Elizabeth Sterling

    This was the worst box yet. I may cancel my subscription.

  • Alison

    I got pretty much the same stuff but I did get the Swisspers swabs… I track the value of any box I get and came up w/ $4.45 for this one that cost $5…but I didn’t add in coupon values. The Fall Walmart box total I came up with was $28.63!

  • Sarah

    I forgot I even had this subscription until I read this review. I just cancelled, and they hadn’t charged me yet,so hopefully I can avoid the winter shipment. I subscribed in the fall specifically for that RoC serum, which they didn’t even send me, so I don’t think I’ll be missing much. Thank you for your reviews. Usually I end up adding subs because of this site, but this time you saved me $5 worth of annoyance. 🙂

  • SP

    I also received the same sad box and was highly disappointed and thought it may have been a mistake. I was pleased with all the others until this one and am canceling ASAP. I hope everyone who received this lame, embarrassing box does the same. If I wanted coupons I would have bought the Sunday paper. Shame on them, even the body butter says “free sample” on it.

  • tristanarielle

    I got the same box that is in the review and when I opened it thought “wow, Walmart must have forgotten a few items in my box!” I’m sad that everyone’s was like that. The Walmart boxes are usually pretty decent but I think I may unsubscribe now.

  • Karen

    I could not believe what walmart sent out. I got the same box as you. They should be embarrassed. I think they need to refund us.

  • Rosemarie

    I didn’t get my box yet but I’m getting the old lady box. Oh boy, something to look forward to. Can’t wait.

  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    Yeah, I got the same box you did. Not impressed at all. I don’t value coupons for things I’ll never use like the Rogaine Foam stuff, or the foil samples that you can generally get free (like I did the Vitamints).

  • bonnieholmes77

    I cannot believe you received a swatch set for Clairol Root Touch up and a $5 coupon for Women’s Rogaine Foam. What is Walmart thinking?

  • Tricia Sutton

    I subscribed for this and got my fall box I guess you would call it but I haven’t received another yet. I wonder if I should have it by now ?

    • Ks

      No, everyone gets the box at drastically different times. I waited 2 weeks for my box to ship only to receive about $3 worth of stuff. I immediately unsubscribed.

      • Tricia Sutton

        Looks like I will be doing the same thing !! Thanks for the replies 🙂

    • Brandy

      KS is right (there’s another comment besides mine if you’re reading on email). The box ships in long waves. I often have people look for the review 6 weeks after I get my box.