December 2015 Nerd Block Jr. Spoilers & Coupon

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December 2015 Nerd Block Jr. Spoilers! Nerd Block Jr. subscription boxes are full of geeky and just plain fun items, especially franchise items. No shirt in these boxes.

Nerd Block Jr. continues to offer incredible value and makes the perfect gift! This month, both Junior blocks are bringing a robotic surprise and an adorable new plush friend to go on adventures with! There’s plenty more to be found in both Junior blocks to delight both the young and the young at heart!

Looks like something Tomorrowland themed. Also..

The December Junior [Boys & Girls] Block is getting robotic with an awesome item from Robo Fish!


Both of our Junior blocks this December feature an item from Tomorrowland, and a surprise from the game sensation, Angry Birds. We’re also including a new plush friend in both our blocks that’s ready to share in plenty of adventures during the holiday season.

Nerd Block Jr. for Girls is bringing a magical Robo Fish item that is sure to bring hours of fun! With winter upon us how could we not include a Frozen item too!

Nerd Block Jr. for Boys will also have a Robo Fish item that’s so life-like your Junior Nerds will be entertained for hours too! We’re also including a fun interactive puzzle that we think you’ll agree winds up to hours of entertainment!

Save 15% on the first box of your Nerd Block Jr. subscription by using the code SAVE15Or grab the free welcome block!


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  • Jenny

    Hard as it is to believe I just saw Tomorrowland for the first time early Nov. It was really good and I will have to add it to my collection here at home.

    • Brandy

      miles MILES we haven’t seen the movie yet! we don’t go to the theater. that’s why we have a 60!

      • Jenny

        HaHa we only have a 50″ which M just told me is not that big when I asked the size. I actually joined a local moms group that is all about movies. We try to go the first Tuesday of everymonth to the theater. A couple local ones here are jut $5 on Tuesday so that is why we picked it. Of course we’ve missed the last couple of months with holidays so hoping we pick it back up in the new year. I really enjoy going and seeing chick flicks on the big screen 🙂

    • Brandy

      60″ tv!