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Lootcrate November 2015 box

Loot Crate‘s theme for November was COMBAT.    Loot Crate is the original subscription box for geeks & gamers. Every month you’ll get awesome geeky items curated around a central theme. One of the things I love about this box is that it’s only $20 per month – a super affordable geeky fix with a subscriber base so gigantic that every box is full of really awesome geeky items – many of which are exclusive to this subscription (and not just oh, it will be released later – actual exclusive items you’ll only get in this box!). You can save $3 on any Loot Crate subscription with code SAVE3 or save 10% on a longer subscription plan with promo code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION (perfect for the new annual subscription).

LootCrate Newsflash: Starting with the December Box, EVERY box will have a shirt! This wasn’t in the theme email, it was emailed to me directly. See the December 2015 Lootcrate Spoilers!

Lootcrate November 2015 review

All the items in the November box!

Lootcrate November 2015 book

Every Loot Crate box comes with the mini mag and the monthly button.  There are interviews and fan stories inside the magazine, as well as details on all the products. Last month they said they were trying out new things with the magazine, but this month it seemed very abbreviated and there wasn’t much in there that was out of the norm.

Lootcrate November 2015 tmnt shredder mask

SunStaches TMNT Shredder Shades ($12.99) Awesome, now we have Shredder to go with our earlier TMNT sunglasses from Loot Crate! These are extremely well made and quite thick plastic.

Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1117

Did you know that there’s a TMNT Fan Subscription Box?

Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1119

Loot Crate Gift Tags

Blizzard Cute But Deadly MagnetsLootcrate November 2015 IMG_1120

I guess this is how you clean out at Christmas!Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1121


Lootcrate November 2015 cute but deadly

Blizzard Cute But Deadly Blind Box Vinyl Figure ($10) “The Cute but Deadly series transforms your favorite characters from Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo, into friendly caricatures. Grab your blind box and see which evil doer you’ll receive.” This isn’t a specific game but I guess all the guys from these franchises cutified! I got a Murloc from World of Warcraft. Based on the WOW Wiki, he’s much cuter than in the game!

Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1122

I thought the actual blind bag was fun – it had line drawings of a lot of the characters!Lootcrate November 2015 vault boy bobblehead

Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobblehead (~$25) There are many Vault Boy exclusive poses, this one is Loot Crate’s. He has a nice optimistic stance. Play on!

Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1125

I thought the back of the box was funny!

Lootcrate November 2015 mockingjay pin

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Pin ($9.37) I still haven’t seen Part One! I read the books but shh, don’t spoil it. Great item, and perfectly timed!

Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1124

Street Fighter Hyper Looting #1 Comic ($4?) From Udon & Capcom it’s a 100% EXCLUSIVE comic, which means that it’s not a variant cover or anything like that, but totally exclusive to the box. Actually when I opened my November Loot Crate and saw this I thought to myself I really wish someone would do a totally exclusive comic, that would be sweet. And it is!Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1127

The box turned inside out with a nice sewer scene.Lootcrate November 2015 IMG_1128

And a post apocalyptic prison and cityscape!

Visit Loot Crate you’d like to subscribe or find out more! Save $3 on any Loot Crate subscription with code SAVE3 or save 10% on a longer subscription plan with promo code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

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