Little Thinker Box Subscription Box Review – September 2015

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little thinker box september 2015 box

Ribbit – September was all about Frogs! Kidable Adventures Little Thinker Box is a preschool subscription box for ages 3-6.  The Little Thinker Box includes four components: Read, Create, Explore, and Learn. The Learn component is divided into three different levels: Head Start, PreK, and Kindergarten. Choose the level that’s right for your child!

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1042

The theme for the month is F is for Frog!

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1045

We take the packs apart for photos, but each component is packaged separately, which is great for spreading this box out over your month.  You could do a component per week, or you can work through them all on a rainy weekend.

All the actual instructions plus the parental guidance is included, along with all the supplies! The Read, Create, Explore, and Learn format is a newer design, and is based on customer and expert feedback.  We like the bit of structure it lends to the boxes — the numerous activities are more manageable conceptualized in smaller bites.


little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1048
This month’s book was National Geographic Kids Frogs Book! It looks like we missed a sheet – in addition to the reading comprehension questions there was also a frog hunt activity (the pages were so crisp we didn’t notice it!).

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1049

The Level 1 book is an appropriate difficulty for our first grader to read on her own.  little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1050

It is loaded with pictures (each of which is labelled) and easily digestible information.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_8825

The picture-heavy format makes it a great book to share with pre-readers, too!


little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1051

The “Create” segment included a couple fun craft activities, plus an experiment in buoyancy.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1047

The floating frog kit was used in the buoyancy experiment, which invited the kids to guess which items would float in water, recording their predictions and observed results.  The second craft was making a frog puppet to act out i all the froggy ways the kids discovered in their reading.  little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1189

Here our puppet is joined by frogs from other segments of the box.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1191

The observation log asked the kids to draw the items they would be testing for buoyancy, which added a fun artistic spin to the experimentation.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1197

Testing our predictions!


little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1052

The “Explore” segment allows for creative play and lets the kids use their imaginations.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_8830

One activity was to create a habitat for the little plastic frogs, complete with lily pads.  A cardboard sheet was supplied, but we just used the inside of the box – what a great, fun activity. He loved it!

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_8829

The second Explore activity was t0 illustrate the frog lifecycle using stickers and the provided scene.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1190

Our kids decided to do their lifecycle picture in a counter-clockwise orientation.


little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1046

The Learn segment had a simple but engaging game involving shape recognition, rhyming, and practicing other basic language skills.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_8826

The inflatable frog is a kid favorite and a great tool for encouraging engagement in the activity.

little thinker box september 2015 IMG_1056

They also threw in a little something extra for Mom.  This month it was Pura Gioia Piña Colada Lip Balm – a big thumbs up from Brandy on this one!

We love this box and all the updates! The new format is solidly organized and well-planned, the mom gift is a sweet touch, and most importantly our preschooler was engaged and thinking the whole time we were doing the activities.  We always like to note – reviewers tend to do everything at once, because we have to – but this box is designed to provide activities over the course of the month.  The Create and Explore segments each had more than one activity, so there was plenty of stuff to stretch out over the course of the month.

Visit Little Thinker Box to find out more or to subscribe!

The Subscription: Little Thinker Box
The Description: Monthly subscription service for children preparing to enter Pre-K or Kindergarten. Each month the child is sent a themed-based activity box that focuses on reading, writing, math, science, and other skills; using fun games, crafts, and experiments. Each month’s theme is a surprise!
The Price: $29.99 per month


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