Kiwi Crate Handmade Hanukkah Box Review & Coupon

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kiwi crate handmade hanukkah box

The Kiwi Crate Handmade Hanukkah offers a handmade menorah and dreidel activity! Kiwi Crate is a kids’ craft and activity subscription and it comes with everything you need to create 2 excellent crafts. They also offer a variety of single crates without subscription, plus awesome holiday crafts. See all the Kiwi Crate holiday gift subscriptions and holiday shop items here!

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2548

This specially-themed Hanukkah Crate had two great crafts.  They are listed as highly messy, but they mess is quite containable with a bit of prep.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah contents

Everything in the crate.  This special pack didn’t have the usual explore! magazine, just two fun crafts.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2555

All the supplies for the My Menorah craft.  kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2556

The instruction booklet makes sure you have your crafting mis-en-place prepared.
kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2558

The instructions are, as always, crystal clear and easy to follow.  This kit also invites a bit of reflection on the meaning of the ritual and significance of the Menorah.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2772

A sheet of butcher paper neutralized the messiness of the project.  Other than some intense washing of modpodged fingers afterward, the mess was non-existent (though one ill-contained cough did create a diaspora of tissue).kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2774

The craft is pretty simple, but it occupies a bit of time, given the number of vessels to cover.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2775

Plenty of modpodge and paper was included.  It wasn’t enough to do the entire Menorah in a two-color scheme, for example, but there was plenty of materials layer several layers of tissue if that effect is desired.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2786

We opted for a light touch with the tissue, applying 6-7 squares per holder, but we applied plenty of the modpodge – the glitter is in the mod podge, which makes it a lot less messy!

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah menorah

The faux candles didn’t work very well straight out of the box.  I think they had some internal corrosion that interfered with the contacts.  It must have been very minor, though, since smacking them a few times was an effective fix.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah review

Brightest LED candles could be used to make the display brighter (particularly if you were to layer on lots of tissue to create a more opaque effect), but the candles provided worked well with our thin tissue approach.
kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2553

The second craft in the box was My Dreidel Spin Art.  Along with the pictured supplies, you can use the Kiwi box to contain any splatter (and there will be splatter).

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2552

This is a very simple project that even young kids can do quite easily.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2784

Some assistance may be necessary if kids are not yet coordinated enough to spin the dreidel with sufficient force.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah dreidel

Stickers are provided to transform your crafting tool into a true dreidel.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2795

The dreidel spun extremely well — they must test each one for balance, because it was not the least bit wobbly and hovered over the same spot while spinning.  This quality is essential for this craft, and I was glad to see that the requisite attention was given to this important detail.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2797

The paint dispensers were very easy to use.

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2803

My daughter has a heavy hand with the paint!  It still worked well, but I think a lighter touch produced better results.
kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2809

The crate worked perfectly for containing the spray.  It flew off the dreidel in a horizontal trajectory, so it clung neatly to the interior of the crate, not our table!

kiwi crate handmade hanukkah IMG_2816

The first batch was pretty cool — we are going to experiment with our application technique to create even more effects.  The kit came with lots of paint, and a big stack of paper, so there is lots of fun to be had!

This is a great Crate for the holiday season, whether you celebrate Hanukkah or just want to have a fun set of crafts to spend some quality time over and learn about a different culture. Jen will be  here for the kids’ birthdays (which fall during Hanukkah this year), so we are excited to celebrate it this year too!

You can visit the Kiwi Crate Holiday Shop to see everything!

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  • Toby Zabinski

    HELP!!! Where can I find the Hanukkah crate featured above. I checked with Kiwi and they do not have it available. Any suggestions as to where I could find it?
    Thanks for your help!!

    • Hello Subscription

      I’m so sorry they don’t make this one anymore. Try looking for slanted top mini cup like these and following the post. You’d need glitter mod podge, tissue squares, LED votives, and a plastic cup for the middle candle holder. It is a GREAT project and we still use ours!