GreekPack November 2015 Subscription Box Review

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greek pack november 2015 box

GreekPack is a new monthly subscription box sending you the best of Greece! Every month you’ll get 6-8 new Greek goodies sent straight from Greece.  There is no announced theme for the boxes, other than the popularity or reverence for the contents in Greece.

greek pack november 2015 unboxing

You always get some cancelled Greek stamps on the outer wrapper, and the interior is cushioned with blue tissue.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2965

The info card is double-sided and has a fair bit of background on the items.  It is, of course, decorated in classic Greek blue and white and bordered by a meandros.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2966
The other side of the card has the details on each of the other items in the box.  This month a good selection of packaged baked goods, candies, and chocolate.

greek pack november 2015 review
Everything in the November box.  Past boxes have had some unusual items (a pile of whole-plant ironwork tea; an entire briki set), but this month is more in the mold of a traditional snack box.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2970

Baloo Caramels:  A classic semi-hard caramel.  These are very buttery, and though they are not “soft” caramels, they are more delicate than they appear, with a very faint crunch.

Lavdas Spoon Jelly:  Soft and bursting with intense botanical flavor — the taste is too much like the actual plants from which they derive their flavors to not be natural.  The lemon has a hint of the bitter pith, and the rose tastes just like real petals.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2973

Kings Brioche:  Soft, moist and not overly buttery, this little loaf has a some Belgian chocolate chips studded throughout and a narrow core of “praline,” which has the taste and texture of melty chocolate.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2976

Mini Sandwich Biscuits with Vanilla Flavored Cream:  We assumed these would be like OREOs, but we actually liked them better.  They didn’t have the greasy and oversweet taste of an OREO, tasting more like a real cookie.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2977

Lacta Cake:  This small cake has a moist, poundcake-like interior (they actually reminded me of a Costco muffin, which for the uninitiated, is really a moist, sweet, and delicious cupcake in disguise).  The bottom of the cake betrays its true nature as an open-faced waffle, and chocolate chips dot the interior.greek pack november 2015 IMG_2978

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2981

Lacta Oreo:  This milk chocolate bar uses OREOS in their highest and best form:  crumbled up as a filling and/or flavoring agent for another treat.  The filling is sweet and creamy, and the chocolate has a nice texture and taste.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2985

Kiss Pavlidis:  This is a chocolate-covered marshmallow cream bar.  It is extremely sweet and gooey, with a strawberry flavor that is far from natural.  A tad too sweet, and much too messy, for my taste.  The chocolate coating was chocolate bar quality, not a mere glaze — I would enjoy this part of the bar even by itself.greek pack november 2015 IMG_2987

Pavlidis Dark Chocolate:  I really liked this chocolate!  The info card described it as a baking-oriented chocolate, too dark and bitter for the tastes of the country’s youth.  Being accustomed to dark, sparsely sweetened single-origin chocolate, however, I didn’t find the dark character off-putting.  The texture is less luxurious than a sweeter milk chocolate, but the deep flavor of this bar was quite enjoyable.

greek pack november 2015 IMG_2991

Choco-Freta:  Light in texture, this wafer is delicate and crisp, with a delightful sweetness and creamy flavor.

We loved the treats this month.  They were everyday items of good quality, but they possessed slightly different flavor and texture than apparently similar items available in the U.S.  Discovering these nuances is a big part of the fun in trying treats from other places.

This month’s Greek Pack followed the standard subscription snack template, providing individually-packaged snacks as they would appear in Greek shops.  It provides a great sampling of Greek treats, and it shines a light on a region that tends to remain underrepresented in the snack  subscription world. We wish the value was a little better though (we didn’t do a complete breakdown) and we suspect that part of the issue may be a low subscriber count – it’s a little hard to see where to subscribe, you have to scroll down the home page (there’s no subscribe link in the top bar). Since we wrote this they have since updated their website and made it way easier to figure out where to subscribe!

Visit Greek Pack to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Greek Pack
The Description: Discover the only dedicated Greek Subscription Box in the world. Each month receive 6-8 curated Greek products delivered right to your door!
The Price: $19.99 per month


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