BrickBox Subscription Box Review – October 2015

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brickbox october 2015 box

BrickBox is a monthly subscription box for LEGO fans.  BrickBox distinguishes itself from other brick-themed boxes by providing actual LEGO pieces and accessories to add to your set instead of LEGO-themed merchandise. BrickBox offers 3 sizes of box: Loot (minifig + accessories), Mini (brick set + goodies), or the full box. This is the full box.

brickbox october 2015 unboxing The inside of the box is neatly wrapped in tissue to preserve the suspense.

brickbox october 2015 review

All the items in the box.  We received LEGO-licensed sets and merchandise and third-party LEGO-compatible accessories. This box was themed around the Lego Creator Highway Cruiser Set!!


Your first box will come with a BrickBox keychain ($5?), which is really neat! And your name will be printed on the side, so be sure to use the right name you want when you order.

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9818

The only non-block item in the box is this great LEGO Movie themed pencil.  Ours was the inestimable SnazzyPants… err… WyldStyle.

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9817

BrickBox “Punish” Minifig & Accessories ($13.99):  An obvious shout out to The Punisher, the vengeance-driven Marvel anti-hero that was one of the first to attempt the leap to the big screen, with mixed success (Frank Castle was in film way before Eric Bana and Toby Maguire did their thing).

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9819

The hair is a tad moppish, but the costume is spot on, and he even comes with his crate of military-class weaponry.

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9820

Another shot of Frank showing off his ribcage and strong jawline.

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9816

FaBiOX ($2):  These little boxes stack nicely and keep your mini-figs intact and upright.  I think building a wall of these would look really cool!

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9821

He has a handy Punisher logo emblazoned stand to help balance him when loaded down with heavy weaponry.

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9825

The crate is similarly stamped, making it a logical place to store his back-up AR-15 — there’s a little glimpse of the Punisher’s mentality — an AR-15 is his back-up weapon.

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9822

Lego Mixels Series 5 – Kamzo ($6.89):  This Mixel is one of the Klinkers — he can combine with two buddies to form a Klinkers Max robot.    brickbox october 2015 IMG_9823

Last month we got one of the Lixer Mixels (bottom row).  It would be awesome if they keep appearing in the box without repeats — I’d love to get the whole set and make a giant Mixel!

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9824

The contents of the Mixel pack — all the Kamzo pieces, plus full instructions.

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9849


brickbox october 2015 IMG_9826

Lego Creator Highway Cruiser Set ($10.19):  I love that this set makes three different bikes!

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9827

Instructions are included for each type of bike:  dirt bike, chopper, and crotch-rocket (sorry, I don’t even know what they are really called — street bikes?).

brickbox october 2015 IMG_9851

The sweet chopper.  If you had one, wouldn’t you choose that color, too?

I love the content of this box.  It has one of the coolest non-super, conflicted quasi-hero comic book figures from my youth, some continuity from the last box with the inclusion of a Mixel, and a fun and versatile build set.  This is the brick subscription for those that want bricks and builds.  There are a few main boxes in the brick space, and this has been the official LEGO and actual brick set centric one thus far.  The inclusion of the pencil (i.e. LEGO swag), however, signals a slight shift.  The others are similarly changing from their initial foci — the three boxes appear to be undergoing a bit of convergent evolution, each beginning to meld actual LEGOs, third-party products/accessories, and swag.

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