Brick Loot Subscription Box Review + Coupon – October 2015

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brick loot october 2015 box

Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box filled with LEGO-compatible items, bricks, and brick building accessories for LEGO fans. Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.  This box, like the last, is build-heavy, featuring mostly Brick Loot exclusive mini-builds (and some cool other stuff, too).

brick loot october 2015 unboxing

The box is no-nonsense, and packed with mini-builds and building accessories.  It is a great subscription for adding bricks, lighting elements, and themed mini-figs to your collection — it often serves as a sampler pack for trying out products from various third-party LEGO-compatible vendors.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9098

The theme for this one is Game of Bricks!

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9097
 All the information is supplied on the card, including information about the different aftermarket companies.  The style reminds me more and more of a car enthusiast magazine, with its emphasis on aftermarket lighting, paint, stickers, accessories, parts sourcing, and planning consultants.

brick loot october 2015 review

Everything in the October 2015 Brick Loot box.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9099

Lite Up Blocks Flame Lights:  Theses flames have the same shape as the classic flame pieces with a cone attached, so they can be swapped in place of standard flames in your builds.  The microwire powercord allows you to keep the power block at a short distance from the flames themselves, maximizing placement options.  brick loot october 2015 IMG_9101

Sir DaBlock – Custom 100% LEGO Minifigure:  This mini-fig is 100% LEGO pieces, but he has some artistic enhancement.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9102

United Bricks has printed our knight with some cool custom plate armor.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9103

Even the back of the suit has great detail — the United Bricks printing is distinguishable from classic LEGO designs, not only in its intricacy, but in its vast breadth — LEGO detailing generally sticks to the front of the torso, typically leaving the back, legs, and arms a simple solid color.brick loot october 2015 IMG_9104

This guy is smiling because he knows he has the the flyest armor in the land.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9100

Knight Accessory Kit:  The swords, spears, and daggers in this set have styling that diverges from the standard knights set designs, giving your figures some distinctive flavor.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9106

Velvet Throne – Exclusive Build by BrickBuildersPro:  This cool little build has all LEGO bricks and makes a fine addition to any castle.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9112

The completed Velvet Throne with additional flame lights from the box.brick loot october 2015 IMG_9107

Knights Castle:  Built to a different scale than the mini-fig and throne, this castle makes a nice background set.

brick loot october 2015 IMG_9111

I can’t help but think of the Stonehenge scene from Spinal Tap when I look at this picture.  
brick loot october 2015 IMG_9105

The theme card from this box, as well as a United Bricks promo card showing their WWII-themed set with distinctive German and British helmets.

This box is great for young (and older) LEGO fans.  The builds are pretty simple and may not long hold the interest of long-time builders, but the multiple projects will provide lots of fun for younger builders (I’d say 5-12 years is the target audience).  I really liked that nearly everything was a building item, not just LEGO-themed — subscribers can build the projects and then add all the pieces to their existing stock of LEGOs.  Of the LEGO-related boxes we review, this one is the one most closely focused on actual building.  The exclusive build and mini-fig are official LEGO pieces, albeit with some added flair.  The Knights castle is made from compatibles, as are the lights and weapons.  I thought this was a great theme and had appropriate and useful items.

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