Brick Builders Club November 2015 Subscription Box Review

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brick builders box november 2015 box

Brick Swag by Brick Builders Club is a monthly subscription box for fans of LEGOs and other studded brick building systems.  Each box comes with brick-related swag, including an exclusive build pack.

brick builders box november 2015 unboxing brick builders box november 2015 review

Everything in the box.  In a typical month, you can expect everything except the Build Pack to be brick-themed, rather than actual bricks or brick accessories.  This is a brick fan’s box, not a brick supply box.  However, the box now includes a brick booster pack loaded with LEGOs, in addition to the Build Pack; the latter, however, still remains the only structured build in the box.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2906

Each box comes with BUILD magazine, a short glossy booklet with several single or double page features, like the Build Table, where fans submit pics of their creations. One page of BUILD lists the the contents of the box.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2907

BUILD is filled with fun stuff like fan-contributed pics and more info on the items in the box.  Above is a quirky featurette chronicling the appearance of ice cream in LEGO sets.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2910

Funky Figs Trading Cards:  These silly cards feature LEGO characters imagined to inhabit the LEGO universe.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2911

The back of the cards, adding some silly backstory to the crazy characters.

The November 2015 Brick of the Month.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2920

The Build Pack had an adorable turkey project this month.  The Build Pack contains all the needed pieces, and BUILD always has the complete instructions.

IMG_1073 IMG_1074

They did a great job with the turkey — it is shaped just like a real turkey, and it has all the details right down to the veggies on the platter and the frills.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2915 brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2917

The brick booster pack includes a nice pile of pieces to stretch your collection.  The contents vary from subscriber to subscriber, so it’s a real crap shoot as to what you’ll get.  I actually really like this idea, and would love it if I received a small booster pack each month.  I remember playing with LEGOs as a kid, and it always involved rummaging through a mixed-up amalgamation of random pieces.  This helps bring that nostalgic sense of jumbledness to the very orderly and planned-kit-heavy universe of LEGOs today, where one’s collection comprises pieces with preordained purpose.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2913

The Tee shirt has to be everyone’s favorite part of the box.  Each month has a distinctly LEGO-themed design.  This month’s tee features a food pyramid comprising only LEGO foods, in all their huge, clunky glory.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2914

The poster is a joke poster this month.

brick builders box november 2015 IMG_2918

My son’s favorite item from the box:  the LEGO face cup.  This plastic tumbler has the iconic three-element LEGO face and comes in LEGO-skin yellow.  He grabbed the cup and was running around yelling, “Look, it’s Emmet’s face!”

Of the growing number of (unofficial) LEGO fan boxes, Brick Builders Club is the lifestyle box, weighing heavily toward LEGO-themed merchandise, rather than actual LEGOs or third-party kits — though, as mentioned above, this edition contains more actual LEGO bricks than usual, and it looks like the Booster Bricks are a recurring item.  At $34 (including shipping), it is in the middle of the pack price-wise. This box is perfect for a LEGO fan that prefers to purchase their own sets but still wants swag and other fun gear (just like a box for gamers – you buy the games, the box sends the swag).

Visit Brick Builders Club to subscribe or find out more!

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