Baklavva Subscription Box Review & Coupon – October 2015

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baklavva october 2015 box

Baklavva is a monthly subscription that delivers fresh, authentic Mediterranean treats directly to you.  Each month will have a different mix of varieties of baklava, each varying in filling, shape, composition, and adornment.  baklavva october 2015 unboxing

The outer box was wrapped in plastic to maintain the freshness, and the interior was also padded with bubbles.

baklavva october 2015 review

The info card helps put a face to name, so to speak, but it doesn’t list the particular composition of each treat.

baklavva october 2015 IMG_9544

Similarly, the nutrition card lists the possible contents of all the treats together and nutrition info for the individual types of treat, but it is anyone’s guess as to which nuts and seasonings go into each treat.  baklavva october 2015 IMG_9545

The inner pack was also hermetically wrapped.  The baklava were nestled together very tightly, with the gooey, sticky nature of the things contributing to the adhesion.  The result was that the flaky pastries survived shipping in superb condition!

baklavva october 2015 IMG_9546

Mini Roses:  These are folded gently over a mashed filling and look like a little Pacman or lopsided taco.  These are the lightest and most delicate of the pastries, with a paler phyllo and a finely chopped filling.  Based on the name, I believe this is flavored with rosewater, but the flavor is delicate and hard to positively identify against the sweet backdrop.
baklavva october 2015 IMG_9547

Baklavva:  This is a traditional baklava, with a more tightly packed phyllo and a darker complexion.  Hunks of walnut are strewn throughout the filling.

baklavva october 2015 IMG_9548

Bird’s Nest:  This pastry is a pile of squares folded up around the filling.  In the center is nested a cluster of cashews.

baklavva october 2015 IMG_9549

Fingers:  these are the darkest and densest of our selections.  The phyllo is rolled in a tube, and the filling is spread between many layers, not just in the middle.  The result is a crunchier and more caramelized tasting pastry.

I really enjoyed this batch of baklava, and I was surprised at how many textural variations could be achieved with such similar ingredients.  With the exception of the fingers (which were noticeably darker), the filling was very similar in each version, and it was less sweet than I expected.  The chunks of nuts varied in the different style pastries, some had walnuts, others cashews.  I think the combination of pine nuts and nut meats provided a greater counterbalance to the sugar than in other recipes I’ve had.  I was also surprised to find no honey in any of these; they rely on sugar for their sweetness.  After a couple days, the sugar water sweated out a bit, creating a honey-like condensation on the bottom of each pastry, a pleasant effect.

I hope next month contains the selections we did not receive this time around — this month’s choices were great, but the items omitted are the ones I’ve never heard of (burma, bassma, and ghourib) and would love to try!

Visit Baklavva to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Baklavva
The Description: Monthly subscription of authentic Mediterranean delicacies. Choose from one of three monthly plans: 1lbs box plan, 2lbs box plan, 3 lbs box plan. Baklavva mix will vary from one box to another. Each box will include a variety mix of baklavvas that may include Burma, Ballourie Mini Roses, Bassma, Baklavva, Bird Nest, Fingers and Ghourib.
The Price: $24.00 per month
The Coupon: Save 20% on your first box. Use coupon code MY20.


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