Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider Review – Last Day to Save on Kiwi Crate Halloween Crafts!

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Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider box

Tinker Crate is currently offering a limited edition “Motion Sensing Spider” Kit!!  Tinker Crate is a subscription box that inspires kids to explore and learn about science, engineering, and technology, plus have tons of fun. Every month, you’ll get a new crate to help kids develop a tinkering mindset and creative problem solving skills. It is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused and designed to help kids build their problem solving skills and to gain the confidence and curiosity to tackle problems where there’s no one right answer.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider unboxing

Tinker Crate is part of the KiwiCo Family, which also has a shop that you can buy individual crafts!  The Halloween Crafts are still available, plus Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hannukah are up too!

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Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider review

Everything included in the box!
Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0331

There were items for making your spider, plus decorating the outside of the box.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0333

Plus everything you need for your awesome motion sensing spider.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0334

A peek at the inside of the box – which is precut so you won’t have to worry about getting things just right cardboard wise.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0336

The blueprint directions list the included materials plus the items you’ll need from home. As usual, there’s the offer from help from Tinker Crate should you need it.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0335

And the step by step instructions. This box is really for ages 9+. Although my daughter (almost 7) regularly does these projects, this was an extensive project that I did most of – we still had a great time and my kids are in love with this.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0339

There are separate instructions for spider assembly.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0340

Extensive troubleshooting tips came with the kit – there are a lot of steps where things could go wrong. I noted that in the instructions there were many stop and check places. This was good so kids didn’t have to undo all their work to find out where things had gone wrong – but also great as a teaching device to get them to check their work.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider IMG_0341

This box also came with a FamilyFun Magazine Tinker Crate Mini Mag – and there were some great DIY Halloween projects in it – our favorite were the bizarre paper bag gargoyles!


I didn’t take a whole lot of photos for assembling, because I did most of it – although my daughter helped where she wanted to. I connected the battery pack, motor, transistor, and motion sensing device, and checked that they worked properly (as instructed!).  I felt that it would have been easier to look at the second step and place the components where they would be in the box, because my wires were embarrassingly tangly. Tinker Crate included foam stickers to tape back the wires. I zip-tied the motor down, place all components, and assembled the spool. It was a bit tough to push on, but I got it. We assembled the channel for the string and affixed it to the underside of the box, made the spider, attached the spider, and we were pretty much good to go.


You insert a small stick of wood through the rubber band on the outside of the box and twist it to the back to prep everything.

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider spider

We hung our spider. I loved that he has 6 eyes. And of course added a spider web (included!).

Tinker Crate Motion Sensing Spider motion sensing spider

We don’t have a door frame to place the box on top of as directed, but the included mounting foam worked great.

Of course we made a video so you can see that it really works. This is just a demo, not a whole unboxing. Warning – squealing occurs!

This was an amazing craft. I really wish they had gone all the way and included a Tinker Zine to explain the electronics behind the motor. However, if your kids would get excited about electronics and science by building an awesome motion controlled spider, or just want an awesome  motion-controlled spider, it’s not a huge deal. This one-off kit was considerably more involved than the typical Tinker Crate and costs a bit more at $24.95, but I’d say it’s well worth it.

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The Subscription: Tinker Crate
The Description: Tinker Crate help kids gain crucial STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills through hands-on activities that are also seriously fun. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for a super-cool project. Ages 9 to 14+
The Price: $19.95 per month


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  • PA Anna

    I think this is too complex for me and my 7 year old. Maybe next year if it’s available.

    • Brandy

      Yes it was very complex and definitely appropriately age-rated for this kit. I’m definitely a tinkerer by nature so I was happy assembling myself.