My Pretend Place Play Projects Subscription Box Review & Coupon – September 2015

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My Pretend Place is all about learning, dress-up, and adventure, including DIY adventures.  My Pretend Place offers a quarterly themed pretend play and dress up subscription box for children aged 3-6.  They also have a monthly Play Pretend Projects subscription!  This box is designed for kids ages 3-8, with a great monthly project, including all the supplies for two children.

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One of the things I love best is that there are always enough supplies for two kids to participate every month.  This month, the kids have three projects centered around an eye exam theme.

my pretend place september 2015 review

Everything in the box. The box always comes with a few stickers and a handle to help decorate the shipping box, those were in the envelope in the first photo.

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The occluder will come in handy during the exam itself.  First, some simple prep.  The stick needs to be glued to the shape, and that is it.

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The kids use contact paper and pasteboard to create their own Snellen chart for use in the eye exam.   Dry erase markers and erasers allow you to experiment with different test content.

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Lastly, you need a pair of glasses to try out.  Pipe cleaners make a suitable frame, your imagination provides the rest!

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The Eye Exam guide encourages the kids to use their newly-constructed items together in recreating the fun and excitement of a trip to the eye doctor.

my pretend place september 2015 IMG_8819

Our guy likes to make his Snellen tests more like Rorschach test.
my pretend place september 2015 IMG_8822

Putting it all pretend place september 2015 IMG_8824

Glasses are fun when they are pretend!

My Pretend Place Play Projects Box is a simple kit that encourages imaginative play.  The crafts range from nearly-automatic to pretty easy (though the contact paper put up some fight this month), and your kids supply the most important part of each box — their imaginations! The kids had an absolutely fantastic time with this month’s box and it was a keeper for continued playtime. We were happy to see

My Pretend Place offers the dress up subscription, too. Every quarterly My Pretend Place Dress-Up Box comes complete with high quality non-itchy dress-up costumes, activities or crafts, and other pretend play inspiration.

Visit My Pretend Place Play Projects Box to subscribe or find out more! You can save 30% on your first box of either subscription with promo code pretend.  (Exp 10/31. Use code playtime afterwards for 20% off)

The Subscription: My Pretend Place Play Projects Box
The Description: Combines creativity as well as construction, so there’s a little something for every kid. Your kids will continue to use their completed craft project (sometimes in ways that’ll surprise you!). They’re not just a project to showcase, but rather a new item to add to their dress-up and pretend play wardrobe.
The Price: $15.00 per month
The Coupon: Save 30% off the first box for either subscription (DIY Projects or Dress-up) with code pretend! (Try all lower case if you have issues)


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