Orange Glad Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2015

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orange glad september 2015 box
Orange Glad is an gourmet dessert subscription box featuring items from independent bakeries from all across the country. They gather all the desserts and ship them right to you to enjoy. It’s an incredible way to get a sampling of items from gourmet bakers all across the nation.

orange glad september 2015 unboxing

Orange Glad sends both me & Alena treats to enjoy while we work – so our Orange Glad reviews are different from all the other reviews we write! It’s so fun to share! And my husband definitely has his share of this box – I think it’s one of his faves!

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This is not actually a theme – every month says “Let the Adventure Begin.” Because every month is a sweets and desserts adventure!

orange glad september 2015 IMG_8680
The information card provides details on each treat plus nutritional and allergen information, and the best by date.

orange glad september 2015 review

Everything in our September boxes! With the exception of the Hard Crack cookies, everything we’ve ever received has been perfectly packaged, which is remarkable, because they are all fragile and perishable but the packaging is truly excellent (this would also make a great gift).  I think it is expected that these particular cookies break a little bit, and this didn’t look like a result of careless packing or shipping damage.

orange glad september 2015 IMG_8684

Selma’s Cookies Raspberry White Chocolate Cookie

Alena:  This was an EAT right away cookie! It was absolutely delicious, and had the perfect amount of white chocolate to Raspberry Ratio. I saved half for the following day, and it did get hard (I am not a huge “hard cookie” fan!) I give this cookie a B+!

Tom: The top down photo doesn’t show the elevation of this thing — it’s a big, mounded cookie.   I love white chocolate, and this had huge chunks of it.  It was pretty crumbly, and had a great taste that reminded Brandy of Aramark cookies (a favorite from school).

Brandy: I LOVE the cakey texture of this kind of cookie and I find them impossible to recreate. If we’re good we won’t buy any more – but I’m not very good 🙂 Delicious. It was a little sad that this cookie embodied such wonderfulness for each of us because we both felt bad about eating half of it.

Hard Crack Original Toffee Cookies

Alena: See Above, I am not a huge fan of hard cookies, but I DO love toffee! This was more of a chip to me (if that sounds right?) I loved the toffee flavor!

Tom:  Kind of a hybrid item, as the texture (and certainly the flavor) was as much toffee brittle as it was cookie.  Crackly, but not hard.  I loved this buttery, sweet treat.

orange glad september 2015 IMG_8686

Byrd’s Famous Cookies Georgia Peach Cookies

Alena: These were… not my favorite of the bunch (Actually my least favorite thing I have ever received from Orange Glad) but I also am not a huge fan of Peach!

Tom:  This were the least exciting that in the box.  A key lime flavor of the same style was featured in a previous box, and that worked better for this cookie.  They are really sweet, crunchy, and have a back-loaded peach flavor that is fairly intense.

orange glad september 2015 IMG_8687

Raley’s Confectionary Handmade Citrus Mix Fruit Candies

Alena: I am not a huge fan of chewy/gummy things, but my husband seemed to enjoy these! He said the flavor was strong, but just right!

Tom:  These are hard, but not tooth breakers.  The citrus flavors were authentic-tasting and very bright.  They remind me of candies grandmas tend to keep around (ribbon candies), but much tastier.

Shotwell Candy Co. Craft Beer & Pretzel Caramels

Alena: These were fabulous! What a great mix of flavors! I also give it an A+ for packaging! Im a sucker for good packaging!

Tom:  Nothing wrong with these.  Very sweet, velvety, and chewy, with a little bit of contrasting crunchy texture from the pretzel.  The beer added richness, but is was wisely chosen and didn’t add hoppy bitterness or any odd characteristic.  I don’t know if you necessary would realize beer was in them — they are just really, really good.

Brandy: Right now I’m wondering if Tom ate all of these, because I had at least one and I could totally use another. They were really great.

If you don’t have someone to share with across the interwebs and only do it in person, don’t forget you can do double sweets for an extra $12!

Visit Orange Glad to subscribe or find out more! Save 30% on your first box with coupon code HELLOSUB.

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