My Bakers Box Subscription Box Review & Coupon – September 2015

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my bakers box september 2015 box MyBakersBox is a monthly subscription box for bakers or those that love to decorate and style baked goods! Every month you’ll receive unique baking supplies including cupcake supplies, cookie cutters, edible sugar decorations, edible images, and more.

my bakers box september 2015 unboxing

I love the Halloween theme! My Bakers Box sends seasonal supplies with plenty of time to complete the baking project before the actual holiday.

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9944

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9943

The box includes a list of the supplies included.

my bakers box september 2015 review

And everything in the box!

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9945

September is “Zombie Push Pops”! BRAINSSSSS!

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9946

The “recipe” included instructions on how to bake your cake in order to create the push pops. You can make mini cupcakes to make it easier! You will need to provide your own cake – either from scratch or from a mix. For something like this, I’m all about the mix!
my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9950

Pushpop Tubes: These are great because you can wash them up and reuse them and save them all up. I love the portion control of the cake push pop and the easy cleanup. And they’re just fun to make and exciting for the kids.

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9951

CK White Candy Writer: Use this to decorate cookies, candies, and cupcakes. And it’s chocolate flavored! This is a full-size product and you have to melt it to use it – it seems like it’s actually chocolate coating. This is a cool product discovery!  I am thinking that we could make some sort of frosting for the cupcake and then use the candy writer on parchment to make webs, let them cool, and stick them in the top for a neat figural decoration.

Chocolate Jimmies: The only thing that really needs to be said about jimmies is JIMMIES!

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9953

Orange Cupcake Liners

Spiderweb Cupcake Wrappers

It’s hard to see in the next photo, but the cupcake wrappers are glittered!

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9954

This looks absolutely amazing and will make a totally stunning cupcake!

my bakers box september 2015 IMG_9958

Zombie Attack Sugar Dec Ons: And here are the brains! Also included – zombie hands and skulls! I suspect we’ll use these all up in the cake pops!

We live in a college football town so this will be our Halloween night activity (which is a Saturday and we are mandated by law to trick or treat on Fridays)! This is a great family activity or just a fun way to get a little baking project in without needing to collect large amounts of supplies – you can make just the right amount and it all looks absolutely gorgeous. This box is priced right at $25 including shipping, but you’ll get an even better deal with the longer subscription. One of the things I like about getting a subscription like this is that it tends to make you actually use the supplies instead of “saving them for a special occasion.”
Visit My Bakers Box to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: My Bakers Box
The Description: My Bakers Box is your premier baking subscription box! We take great pride in being the first subscription box for bakers! Every month you will get a new box with a fun theme! Each box is carefully planned and includes recipes, ideas and more. Make sure to follow us on our social media sites and our blog for more ideas on how to use the items in your box. You can expect something different every month, with new product features and blog collaborations!
The Price: $25.00 per month – down to $19 per month for a half-year subscription!
The Coupon: Use coupon code HELLOBAKING to save $5 on your first month!


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  • Jenny

    I don’t bake at all but I love this box. I can’t show it to M as he will want to make jello shots in the push up holders 🙂 We already have syringes for them but this is cool too. We are football here to and NCState has a game that we don’t know the time of yet. N is hoping it is early so that he can do that and Halloween but if its at night I don’t know what he will do. You guys are a bit smaller so doing it on Friday totally makes sense. I have no idea how crazy it will be here on Saturday. I’m going to have to have so much candy.

    • Brandy

      i was wrong, we have it on thursday night! we have the second largest football stadium in the country, it’s pretty nutty.