Lit-Cube Book Subscription Box Review – October 2015

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lit-cube october 2015 box

October’s Lit-Cube theme was Supernatural, Idjits! Lit-Cube is a monthly themed book and bookish items subscription box. This box provides you with an immersive reading experience by providing reading material paired with quality themed items!lit-cube october 2015 unboxinglit-cube october 2015 IMG_9115lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9116

The information card has all the details on each item.

lit-cube october 2015 review

Everything in the box!

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9120

Every box contains a little collector’s card with the monthly theme. There’s also always some extra book swag. This month it was a card for The Dream Slayer, a YA Paranormal Adventure series, and Caelum: Olde City Angels Free eBook and charm and pin!

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9117

Spellbound Nails Supernatural-Inspired Mini Polish Trio ($13.99) Exclusively produced for this box! 5-free and cruelty-free.

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9118

From Left to Right:

We’re Going to Heaven, Clarence: glow in the dark glitter topper inspired by Meg & Castiel

Love Me Some Pie: blueberry scented glitter polish (and obviously inspired by the role pie plays in the series!)

Possession is 9/10ths of the Law: black tinted polish with red, gold, and orange glitter inspired by demons and the fires of hell.

I love this item! It’s super fun and I can’t wait to wear them!

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9122

Supernatural Inspired 3″ Button ($2.49) This is probably the best button I’ve ever received in a box! I’m a Supernatural fan and can’t wait to wear it! I think it will be my Halloween costume!

#AlwaysKeepFighting Keychain by Dazzling Diva ($7.99) This item was packaged in a little organza bag inside the little black folder.
lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9123

The design is in support of Jared Padalecki’s fund in support of mental health awareness. FYI – there seemed to be some issues with this design (not all keychains were the same) and if you didn’t receive vials you should contact Lit-Cube for them!

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9124

It’s a cute design and it’s a nice mix of Supernatural inspired stuff (like the holy water and salt vials) and mental health awareness (boxing gloves, Always Keep Fighting saying). The red part of mine was a bit sticky but I probably won’t use it for keys, so I’m not all that concerned with it – it may have cured further since I took the photo.

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9126

Books – My Drug of Choice eReader Pouch ($11.99) The photo on the card shows this with a Supernatural logo, and I don’t know why it isn’t on mine (trademark issues perhaps??). I tried a Kindle once and it wasn’t for me – I prefer to read books on the smaller screen of my phone and I didn’t check it for iPad mini sizing – because I’ve already put it into service to store my array of recharging devices.

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9127

Ken Nolan’s The Spawn ($14.69) Ken Nolan is apparently quite a prolific but relatively “unknown” writer – he wrote the screenplay for Black Hawk Down.  I’m not a horror fan so when I read the description I didn’t realize that it was a take on Rosemary’s Baby.

Rosemary’s Baby from the husband’s point of view written by an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter.

The Spawn plunges the reader into a world of shadows, secrets, and growing, unspeakable horror.

Meet the Malcolms. They’ve just moved in to a home they can’t afford, they’re trying to climb a social ladder that they don’t belong on, and both are chasing careers that are just out of their grasp. They want a child, but every time they try, every attempt they make, fails.

Charles Malcolm, successful bestselling writer of cutting-edge, timely pop-science books finds himself staring at the blank screen. Unable to top himself yet again, he descends into writer’s block, and finds himself taking long walks through Boston’s historic cemeteries, his dog at his side.

Janet Malcolm finds herself chasing partnership at a high-powered law firm while facing her latest medical results — she can’t have children. Desperate, Janet will try anything to have a baby.

Charles watches as his wife seems to change before his eyes, spending more time with the mysterious and alluring couple next door. Then, one day a miracle occurs–Janet is pregnant. Charles is elated. Why wouldn’t he be? But…was it a miracle?

Charles realizes that he can’t remember certain periods of time, and has horrifying glimpses of memories–cult members, blood, and some…thing, from the deep ocean, risen, hungry, red-eyed. As his new infant son grows ever larger, he begins to suspect that the boy may not have been conceived naturally.

As Janet slips into madness, Charles begins to doubt everything in his life, from the people around him, from his next door neighbors, to his own wife, and finally – to his infant son

lit-cube october 2015 IMG_9128

I thought this book was a good selection for a supernatural themed box, and probably a better choice than the official Supernatural books. I admittedly won’t read this one in all likelihood – but I’m planning on gifting it to a friend who is a horror fanatic!

As always, a well-themed box with really great bookish extras and excellent customer service.  The theme for November is Immortal Kiss, and will contain a wearable item that isn’t a t-shirt. Obviously vampire themed! The book will be a hardcover and is said to be a “classic vampire experience.”

Visit Lit-Cube to subscribe or find out more!

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  • Valerie A Sizemore

    I received my box today (I had Peggy hold it for me as I was moving). The sticky part on the Always Keep Fighting logo on my key fob wasn’t sticky, so I assume, the extra time gave it extra time to dry, possibly? I am also using the e-book reader for extra storage at the moment. I have a Nook (original) but I have a pretty case I like on it and rarely use it to begin with lol. I was hoping it had the Supernatural logo and was written in yellow like on the card (I think it sticks out more in yellow) as well. It just tied everything even more into the show, somehow lol. The polishes are so cute, I’m just curious (myself, lol) why they chose blueberry as the pie scent and not apple, although I know he likes all pies. Overall, I really liked October’s box and look forward to reading the book.

    • Brandy

      I am SO glad you came by to update on that – I haven’t had a chance to dig it out (we move all the items to a central place as soon as the review is done and sort them later). I think it just needed some time to cure!

      • Valerie A Sizemore

        You are welcome. =) I’ve also noticed the button says ‘Killing Things’ instead of ‘Hunting Things’. Oh well, I still love it! I actually compared the red backing as ‘like sparkling blood when it hits the air’. 😉

  • jennylouthan

    Great curation for this one. I’ve read some of the true SPN books and going another way was probably a good idea. That button and keychain are the best. They make the whole box for me.