Burke Box Whole Home Box September 2015 Subscription Box Review

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burke box whole home september 2015 box

Burke Box’s Whole Home Box is a new monthly (or bi-monthly or quarterly – up to you!) subscription box containing a surprise selection of some of their favorite home goods  – from champagne flutes to aprons , desk accessories to throws  – it’s everything you need to keep your home looking freshly styled. You can expect a assortment of 3 to 4 spa products, home accessories, entertaining and serving pieces and or travel accessories every month. I love “home” items in my boxes and it’s just about perfection to get a whole box of stuff for my house every month! The box is $55 and promises $120 of items.

burke box whole home september 2015 IMG_8684

The box is a reusable box but seemed to get a downgrade this month (it’s more like a folding gift box than the sturdy board box), and as usual it’s shipped in an outer cardboard box with packing.  Everything inside was wrapped quite securely though with foam sheets and bubble wrap.

burke box whole home september 2015 reviewEverything in the September 2015 Burke Box. 

burke box whole home september 2015 information sheet

This month again included an information sheet with complete details on each item. It wasn’t prettied up this month. This month’s box focused on providing signature pieces for the nightstand

Practical, purposeful and artfully arranged, we are excited to include in this month’s BurkeBOX the following items. You don’t have to use them on a nightstand, as they are equally suited for a bookshelf, mantle, nook or desk.

burke box whole home september 2015 carafe

Canvas Home Bedside Carafe with Tumbler ($18) The MSRP on this is $18 so I can’t tell you why it was listed at $24 on the sheet. It seemed really fragile to me, with thin glass. I would be terrified to keep this on my bedside table. I might use it for review photos. I like this Canvas carafe set a whole lot better.

burke box whole home september 2015 IMG_8689

And I feel the need to point out that my carafe was dirty. As in filthy. With an oily sheen inside. It was gross.

burke box whole home september 2015 IMG_8691

Torre & Tagus Lotus Capiz Shell Tea Light Candle Holder ($16, almost exact/exact same on Amazon for $13.99) This is a pretty touch and I bet it looks really pretty with the candle set in. I like the suggestion to use an electric tealight flame, but it would have been really nice to have a tealight included in the box.

Vagabond Petite Hand-carved and Filigreed Bone Frames ($14.50) Judging by the description, it seems like subscribers received variations on this item. I received the Antique Striped Bone Frame Design By Vagabond Vintage in Antique White/Ivory Bone. While it’s for sale for $32 on the Burke Decor site, I found it at a similar store for $14.50.

burke box whole home september 2015 dishCanvas Home Dauville Platinum Glazed Pebble Dish ($17.50 retail – though you can find it on Madewell for $9.99) This is pretty and matches the coasters from the Fall Popsugar Limited Edition Box and of course the bowl from the December 2014 Popsugar Must Have Box – see both here. I thought this was extremely thoughtful curation, because many of the subscribers to this box might have one or both already!
burke box whole home september 2015 IMG_8693

I am assuming that these marks are part of the design, but I’m honestly not sure?

burke box whole home september 2015 IMG_8694

The bottom is nice and pebbley.
burke box whole home september 2015 IMG_8695

Apotheke Rosemary Mint Hand & Body Lotion ($22) This lotion is really great and smells strongly of rosemary and spearmint – a wonderful combo. This lotion is scented with essential oils and 100% pure plant based ingredients and paraben, petroleum, and synthetic free!

This box was somewhat of a letdown after the amazing box last month, and it would probably be pretty hard to get close to that again, but there were several issues and oddities: the inner box downgrade, the dirty glass, and the bizarrely inflated prices (I calculate $78-88 depending on generosity of which value to use – they came up with $121!)! But there were some high spots too – the very thoughtful Dauville pebble bowl, the beautiful hand lotion (it really smells great!), and the pretty touches that might be tucked nicely into a variety of decors. My thoughts are mixed on this month’s box. What do you think?

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The Subscription: Burke Box Whole Home
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  • Kerri

    I had the exact same reaction. I bought the box after seeing how awesome the August box was, this was a let down. Honestly it feels like a hodgepodge of last season items. I’m not sure what I will do with the carafe, like yours it arrived filty (luckily it’s dishwasher safe). My photo frame is quite different (baroque feeling). I had actually bought the dish from Madewell (for $6) right before getting this box. Meh. I’m not impressed as I would have never bought any of these items and the value is not there.

  • Subscriptionista

    yeahhhhhh not my fav home box this month. It feels pretty phoned in….