Irie Mon Box Caribbean Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2015

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irie mon box september 2015 box

Irie Mon Box is a monthly Caribbean “flavor” box – from food to the sounds, smells, and feels of the islands! Every month is an experience in “EVERYTING NICE” and you’ll get 6-8 products curated from the Caribbean Islands sent right to your door every month.

irie mon box september 2015 unboxing

The box is packaged nicely with a bright sleeve in the colors of the Rastafari flag, and everything was packed carefully inside.

irie mon box september 2015 review

Everything in the Box.  There were a few nice mood setting items and several great food items, including mixes/marinades, condiments, and ready-to-eat snacks.

irie mon box september 2015 card

The card details the items in the box, providing some suggestions for proper enjoyment.

irie mon box september 2015 IMG_7297

Maco Caribbean Living ($7.95):  This colorful magazine highlights some great cultural happenings, new party spots and retreats, and fine dining and high-living throughout the Caribbean.

irie mon box september 2015 IMG_7295

MACO x Putomayo Caribbean Sampler: This is a promo sampler, but it’s Putumayo, which is really awesome.

Ortanique Citrus Candle ($8?) This candle is hand-poured in Jamaica and their only online presence is a Facebook page! Ortanique is a Jamaican citrus fruit that’s a natural cross between an orange and tangerine.

irie mon box september 2015 IMG_7296

The music sampler draws from across the region to provide some pan-Caribbean mood-setting.

irie mon box september 2015 IMG_7302

Walkers World Spicy Jamaican Jerk Marinade ($10.99)  Jerk is not an insult in Jamaica.  The most celebrated flavor of the Nation is bottled and ready for use on chicken, fish, steak, veggies… whatever.  Made in Jamaica, this big bottle can season a big batch of jerk.

Grace Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce ($7.99) Another Jamaican product, this fiery sauce features the prototypical Jamaican hot pepper, the Scotch Bonnet, bringing intense heat to liven up any dish.

irie mon box september 2015 IMG_7304

Eaton’s West Indian Mango Jam ($5.87)  Also made in Jamaica, this sweet fruit jam comes in a large (12 oz) jar.

Grace Johnny Cake Caribbean Homemade Mix ($4.50)  Johnny cake is a little different in the Caribbean.  This Jamaican recipe is packaged in Canada, but it is not the cornmeal cakes that go by the moniker Johnny cake up north.  These are fried wheat flour dumplings that can be served for any meal and go with just about anything — from ackee and saltfish (the national dish), to mango jam.

irie mon box september 2015 IMG_7306

St. Mary’s Kettle Cooked Plantain Chips with Sea Salt.  Made from green plantains, these have a mellow, savory taste that becomes quite addicting.

Cocoflake Coconut Gizzarda.  Like a cross between a coconut macaroon and a kolache, these tarts have a pie-crust exterior filled with a cinnamon sugary, moist coconut melange.  If you are not familiar with kolache, think unfrosted cinnamon sugar PopTart.  This is a really unique treat.

irie mon box september 2015 IMG_7307

Irie Mon is the first Jamaican themed subscription box we’ve seen.  Though it has some Pan-Caribbean flavor to it (the music, magazine, and plantains are not solely Jamaican), it had some truly Jamaican items that were made in Jamaica and presented uniquely Jamaican flavors and sensibilities.  The products were well-chosen as representatives of the spirit of the island, and they were provided in nice quantity and size.  We estimate it is probably over $50 for the items in this box, which is a fantastic value, given the free shipping.  This box has me wanting to light the candle, put on the music, and eat ALL the food.

Visit Irie Mon Box to subscribe or find out more!

The Subscription: Irie Mon Box
The Description: Irie Mon Box is a monthly subscription box that offers quintessential flavors of the Caribbean. From the food and spice to the music and vibe all the way to EVERYTING NICE. Let Irie Mon Box take you on a tip toe through the islands of the Caribbean. Enjoy 6 – 8 curated products every month and shipped directly to your doorstep for you to enjoy.
The Price: $40 per month
The Coupon: Use coupon code 5DOLLAZOFF to take $5 off your first box!


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  • Jamaica My Way

    This is a great review. Thanks for sharing it! As an avid Jamaica traveler and blogger none of these products disappoint that’s for sure. I think it’s great someone started this subscription because I had this idea a while back when I discovered Bark Box but I never ran with it. Glad someone did!