StitchyBox Cross-Stitch + Fiber Art Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015

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stitchybox july 2015 box
StitchyBox is a bi-monthly subscription box for counted thread embroiderers and cross-stitchers! There are two options – the Big Picture Box and the Detail-Oriented Box. With both styles you’ll receive a variety of threads, from staples like DMC to specialty threads you may not have met yet, and embellishments, stitching accessories and other goodies!

With the Big Picture Box choose

  • 2 Fat 16ths (one 14-16 count Aida, one 28-32 count linen OR evenweave – your choice) OR
  • 1 Fat 8th (Aida, linen or evenweave).

With the Detail-Oriented Box pick

  • 2 Fat 16ths (one 32-36 count linen, one 40 count linen) OR
  • Select 1 Fat 8th (either 32-36 count linen or 40 count linen)

FYI – Stitchy Box has just announced that a “Just the Threads” subscription is coming soon!

stitchybox july 2015 IMG_4368

When I subscribed last month I immediately got a thank you note in the mail (and also a sticker, which I forgot to photograph). I thought that was a really nice touch!

stitchybox july 2015 card

The July theme was “Holly Wreath.” Stitchers typically start planning for Christmas projects in July, so this was perfect timing. I believe this box shipped right at the end of July and we received it on the last day of the month or a couple days later – not sure! I chose the Detail-Oriented box with 2 fat 16ths. I stopped stitching about 10 years ago, and thought it would be fun to do some small projects for my home. I’m bummed that I missed out on the Halloween box! Most of my projects are typically Halloween oriented. Or Christmas. Or some sort of holiday.

stitchybox july 2015 reviewEverything in my box! What a beautiful assortment!

stitchybox july 2015 floss silk

For the most part, if you’re a stitcher, you know at least what all of these are, if not the brands. But in case I just activated your fiber addiction: Weeks Dye Works specializes in overdyed (variegated) cotton floss. The blending thread is meant to be stitched along with a strand or two of cotton floss. DMC is the American standard for cotton floss – though some stitchers prefer UK fave Anchor, and Cosmos is the new Japanese addition (I would love your opinions on DMC vs. Cosmos, because it’s new to me). Silk can be mighty tricky to work with, but it’s gorgeous and feels sooo nice.

stitchybox july 2015 fabric

And the fabrics! I admit, my husband took this photo and didn’t know what he was doing. Hiding under the red is the perforated paper.

Remember, I got the 2 fabric Detail-Oriented Box. I actually had a really difficult time with the 40 count Linen. I was planning to use it with a Frosted Pumpkin Pattern (Cozy Gingerbread Snowglobe) that would be perfect for it, but it was just too hard on my eyes, even with my new old lady lamp (by popular demand, I will be posting a review in another week or so). It turns out in the past 10 years my vision has deteriorated significantly! I didn’t have the same problem with the 35 count and found it stitchable although I needed at least the brightness of the lamp, and the magnification made it much easier. Unless you’re already stitching on 40 count linen, I wouldn’t choose that option.

Here are the other fabrics sent this month in the Big Picture Box

I calculated about $42 in value in this box, and I was very pleased to find that I was getting more than I paid, plus free shipping. Unfortunately I have to switch my box out – and need to choose between aida + linen or aida + evenweave (for review purposes plus the sake of getting more variety in my box I want to stick with 2 fat 16ths!). I have only ever stitched on aida a few times and have always used linen (hey, what about a Big Picture Snobby Stitcher Box for $2 more??). I may end up choosing the evenweave because the fat 16ths are intended for small projects – and any color fabric I really like I can always order in the linen. Although I have a plan for the Lupine Linen (or rather, its replacement), I don’t have a stash of charts, because I sold everything when I had to put crafts aside at the beginning of my professional career.

Now that I have a little time in the evenings (haha ok not really – but I am purposefully making some time for my low-key meditative favorite craft). I am determined to make it work despite now needing some magnification. My husband is helping me come up with a chart for the Liberty using some of the threads in the box. I didn’t want to delay this review any longer, but if it turns out great, we’ll post it 🙂 If it’s terrible, look for a snap of my finished project on Instagram or maybe I’ll update the review 🙂 If you have any input for my stitching woes, feel free to leave a comment!

Visit StitchyBox to subscribe or find out more! Save 10% off your first month. Use coupon code SUBK2. You can check out all the fiber craft and fiber art subscription boxes in the directory, or all the craft subscription boxes!

The Subscription: StitchyBox
The Description: Each themed box contains two cuts of stitching fabric along with a variety of threads and embellishments to get your creative juices flowing.
The Price: $36.50 for the Big Picture Box, $38.50 for the Detail-Oriented Box
The Coupon: Save 10% off your first month. Use coupon code SUBK2.


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  • Ramona Cross

    Am I able to buy, from you the floss for the “Welcome Friends” sampler # 13733? If so, what is the price for the complete selection of floss?

    • Brandy

      You should contact Stitchy Box if you’re needing to find floss!