Orange Glad Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2015

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orange glad august 2015 box
Orange Glad is an gourmet dessert subscription box featuring items from independent bakeries from all across the country. They gather all the desserts and ship them right to you to enjoy. It’s an incredible way to get a sampling of items from gourmet bakers all across the nation.

orange glad august 2015 unboxing
Orange Glad sends both me & Alena treats to enjoy while we work – so our Orange Glad reviews are different from all the other reviews we write! It’s so fun to share! And my husband definitely has his share of this box – I think it’s one of his faves!

orange glad august 2015 theme

This is not actually a theme – every month says “Let the Adventure Begin.” Because every month is a sweets and desserts adventure!

orange glad august 2015 booklet
The information card provides details on each treat plus nutritional and allergen information, and the best by date.

orange glad august 2015 review

Everything in our August boxes! All the desserts I have ever received have been perfectly packaged, which is remarkable, because they are all fragile and perishable but the packaging is truly excellent (this would also make a great gift).

orange glad august 2015 IMG_5386

Byrd’s Famous Cookies Key Lime Coolers:

Tom:  Really crisp, tart lime flavor in a sweet, crumbly pie-crust bite.

Alena: I actually do not care for Key Lime, but my mother loved these! She said they were sweet, but delicious and not too hard!

Brandy: Send them to meeeee! I love key lime! These were definitely pie-crusty in a sort of nutty way. Yummo.

orange glad august 2015 IMG_5385

Three Kids and A Kitchen Original & Salted Caramels:

Tom:  Super-soft and gooey — they maintained a very light, lower-viscosity texture in making these, creating a very delicate caramel.  Really good.  I also appreciate the use of restraint in salting the caramel — it has just enough to accentuate it.

Alena: These were melted, so we stuck them into the fridge. We loved them! I tried one, and my husband tried one. {Tom, You are showing me up here with your wording!}

Brandy: These were soft, a little sticky, and if you bite off a bit instead of being a hard sticky mass like a taffy, makes a nice string between your mouth and the caramel (hard to describe). Good, with deep and complex flavors.

Silk Shortbread Mango Coconut Shortbread Tea Mates:

Tom:  Flaky and light.  The coconut doesn’t present strongly, but the small chunks of dried mango add nice texture.

Alena: I agree with Tom, nice texture, but I would not go out of my way to purchase these. They were good, but not my favorite in the box!

Brandy: I looooved the bits of mango! They were right up my alley. I love buttery and fruity desserts.

orange glad august 2015 IMG_5384

Donsuemor Lemon Zest Madeline:

Tom:  Cakey and moist, the lemon brightness really stands out.

Alena: I love Lemon, so this was my cup of tea! Extremely cakey, and delightful!

Brandy: Unlike everything else Tom consumed while I was out of town, he saved this for me. <3 Good thing, because lemon is my fave. I really wished there were two of these!

Julian’s Waffle Liège Style Belgian Waffle:

Tom:  Belgian waffles can be a little dry, but this one is pretty moist and has a lovely sugar glaze lightly crusted about it (very lightly — almost like it is being (excreted, perspirated, oozing — what is a non-gross word for sweating or bleeding) released from within the waffle itself.

Alena: This was interesting to receive! I always think of waffles to be made on demand not packaged. It was a bit sweet, but it was yummy!

Brandy: There was a waffle??

This was a nice and yummy box – but honestly felt a little light this month. There were two large packages of cookies, which is probably due to the heat – I really need some ooey gooey deliciousness in my life soon (just a little too heavy on the shortbreadesque products the past two months)! If you don’t have someone to share with across the interwebs and only do it in person, don’t forget you can do double sweets for an extra $12!

Visit Orange Glad to subscribe or find out more! Save 30% on your first box with coupon code HELLOSUB.

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