Disney Tsum Tsum Subscription Announced

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So exciting! Today at D23 – the Disney collectibles and fan convention – Disney announced a new official Tsum Tsum Subscription is coming! Thank you Erin for the heads up and again, so sorry for getting us all addicted. The subscription information now be available at http://www.disneystore.com/tsumtsumsubscription.

It does look like an actual subscription (which may also mean the Disney Park Pack might become an actual subscription as well ).The subscription will include one small plush and coordinating mini plush Tsum Tsumthat is exclusive to the subscription  delivered right to your doorstep for $24.95.  I don’t really collect the actual plush (yet!) though I have a lamp and one plush, but obviously I’m going to subscribe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for exclusive codes for the game too.

BTW, if you’re looking for friends to add on LINE for Tsum Tsum, feel free to leave your username below!

See more fan and special interest boxes or Disney-Themed Subscription Boxes. You can also check out all our Disney Park Pack: Pin Trading Edition Reviews. FYI – apparently for August they raised the LE edition sizes to 750, raising the total number of boxes available to 3000 (from 2000).


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  • Jenny

    I knew I picked the wrong week to go to my mom’s house. LOL I feel so behind in everything. We don’t collect these per se but we do own a couple of the little ones we got in some of the mystery bags. 🙂

    • Brandy

      Haha well I am about to start collecting them. I know a few people have complained about the price but obviously I will buy it and review it so everyone will know if they want to subscribe or not 🙂

  • Alicia

    My son loves the Tsums Tsums! He currently has 12 of the minis! They sell them at our Target so we always pick some up. We will definitely be signing up once it’s available, I hope that’s really soon! The only issue is the price is a little off, hopefully they will add something in with it!

    • Brandy

      they did update the link with a coming soon! i believe it wasn’t long between the park pack announcement and them actually starting it, so i hope it’s quick!

  • Stephanie R

    Oh my gosh!! NO WAY! I don’t currently subscribe to any subscription boxes but I will have to sign up for this one because I love Tsum Tsums!

    • Brandy

      do you play the game too? i seriously have all my friends addicted. it’s so sad.