Bulu Box Subscription Box Review & Half Off Coupon – August 2015

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bulu box august 2015 box

August ‘s Bulu Box seemed to focus more heavily on supplements/protein.     Bulu Box is a health and fitness subscription box. Get a monthly box  – either the classic version or the weight loss version – for $10 a month. Bulu Box is geared to the performance athlete and supplement-receptive casual health aficionado.  There is usually a decent balance of snacks and supplements.

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When you get your box, try your samples, and review them for points, just like Birchbox.  I got five products in my August box and I can review my box for $5 back in points!

bulu box august 2015 information card
Bulu Box has an informative little card that really packs everything in.  I like that it includes the full-size pricing information as well as descriptions of the items.

bulu box august 2015 review

Everything in our August box.

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Mediterra Bars:  Savory and chewy, these are a nice break from sweet bars and are packet with veggie and fruit bits.  The black olive and walnut had a great salty tang from the olives, and it was very lightly seasoned, so the savory base of pea protein crisps and chia provide a nice complement to the chunks of fruit and nut.

ips chips:  light and crunchy, these crispy puffs have 6 grams of protein per serving and a tangy sweet barbecue flavor.

bulu box august 2015 IMG_5657

E-Hydrate Energy Gels:  BCAAs, electrolytes, and caffeine (40 mg) provide boost and support for endurance athletes.  Strawberry lemonade and mocha are the feature flavors provided.  

Pocket Protein:  With formulations targeted to either women or men, Pocket Protein for Women has 15 grams of protein and no fat, sugar, carbs, or gluten (the Mens formulation has 20 grams of protein).  Even light protein sources tend to have more carbs than you would like when taken as a supplement, so this is a very cool thing to have in the workout bag.  

HempPro 70: This powder uses the power of hemp (one of the complete plant-based protein sources) to deliver 20 grams of protein.  It also contains a bunch of omegas, and is a good option for vegans.

Bulu Box can lean more toward the supplement side than the snack side, but the snacks they choose are pretty tasty.  The Mediterra is one of the better savory bars I’ve had from the perspective of taste, and ips are always a hit, especially the BBQ chips!

Visit Bulu Box to find out more or to subscribe. Use promo code BULUGAN792 to save 50% off any subscription!

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The Description: Choose the health, nutrition, and supplement discovery box or the weight-loss focused subscription box and get 4-6 samples of interesting and unique health-oriented product
The Price: $10 per month
The Coupon: Use promo code BULUGAN792 to save 50% off any subscription!
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