August 2015 Disney Park Pack: Pin Trading Edition Review

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disney park pack august 2015 box

Disney Park Pack: Pin Trading Edition is a monthly mystery pack from the Disney Store. It’s not a subscription – you have to purchase it every month – and it’s available on the first Thursday of every month.

disney park pack august 2015 review

These are the Park Pack pins for August 2015. Disney Pins are the perfect souvenir – small, not too expensive, and fun to collect.  There’s no information card for this box, and just like every other month, I wish they’d include a curator’s note – maybe with names for these pins!

disney park pack august 2015 card backs

Both non-LE pins have the pricing information on the back!

disney park pack august 2015 pin backs

All pins include the Mickey pin-backs!

disney park pack august 2015 remy

Remy Pin (from Ratatouille): So cute! I love the style and design of this pin. This is one of my favorite Disney movies and it reminds me, my kids haven’t really seen it! Time for a movie night!

disney park pack august 2015 lilo stitch

Stitch Ice Cream Pin (Lilo & Stitch): This pin was really perfect for August! Stitch is funny and adorable and I love him just gobbling up that ice cream!  The 4 limited edition pins each featured a different color background. This month there were 750 of each of the 4 variations of pin, which makes the pin technically less valuable.

disney park pack august 2015 IMG_5762

Pin Backdisney park pack august 2015 hercules

Hercules I’m Kind of a Big Deal Pin: This one is just funny! I’m betting my husband grabs this one!

With the increase of the LE pin to 750 (3,000 boxes total), I expected to see two pins of a higher value as the others. The extra inventory has really helped and this box was available for at least a couple days this month – but still a limit of 1 per person. The scalpers have seemed to figure out the boxes aren’t selling for a premium, so if you’re interested, grab it. I wish there were spoilers to help decide whether you want it or not! With the Disney Tsum Tsum subscription coming soon (read all about it here), I am hoping/expecting the Park Pack to become an actual subscription. And I’m still hoping for even more official Disney subscription boxes!

Visit the Disney Park Pack: Pin Trading Edition landing page to find out more.

The Subscription: Disney Park Pack: Pin Trading Edition
The Description: Disney Park Pack is a monthly mystery box with 3 official Disney pins. Pins are collectible and tradeable! Every box features two open edition pins and one limited edition pin with a run of 500. Currently not a subscription – boxes available on the first Thursday of each month.
The Price: $39.95

Some general info about Disney Pins & Trading:

Prices: Green ($6.95) Red & Silver ($8.95) Blue ($10.95) Yellow ($12.95) Pink ($14.95) Lavender ($16.95). Special ones cost more.
Cast Members with green lanyards may only trade with kids ages 3 to 12. You can trade up to two pins per day with any trading Cast Member.
You don’t have to trade your pins, you can just collect them.
You can only trade real Disney pins, and they all bear a copyright notice on the back.
Don’t buy nice pins to trade, buy lots of pins on eBay from a reputable seller.
Are you a pin trader? Share your advice in the comments!


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  • Jenny

    Cut month. I like that while they are Disney movies they aren’t the big ones that everyone always talks about. What are you doing with all of your pins? Are you displaying them? I’m just curious since I’m trying to think of what I want to do with the ones I have here. I don’t collect but I have a random assortment of pins. Years ago M made Mickey heads out of corkboard and we covered in black felt to give to my sister and a couple friends. Of course I never got one for myself but they made great displays for pins. My sisters is still full even at 20 and in college 😉

    • Brandy

      We are going to make banners to hang in our Mickey themed bathroom! BTW, Tom started doing Youtube reviews and that will go up today. EEEEK. He’s so good at it. SO GOOD. I don’t know if I can do them. Because everyone will just say, can Tom do all of them? hahaha.

      • Jenny

        Oh I can’t wait to see them. I’m horrible about following Youtube channels unless people post that something is over there but I will try. My boys want to do some since they watch EvantubeHD and the Holderness Family all the time. Of course I’m pretty sure they thing that if they just start doing them boxes of toys will show up at our door. LOL They do love making videos and talking all about random things in our house. They then work on editing it so its how they want it. I’m still amazed at what all a 7 and 4 yr old can do. Hmm maybe some simple editing software is needed for Christmas. 🙂