August 2015 Daily Look Elite Clothing Subscription Box Review

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daily look elite august 2015 box

Daily Look Elite is a newer monthly subscription styling service that works almost exactly like Stitch Fix! You fill out your style profile and your personal stylist will curate a box of items for you to try out at home and either keep or return. Unlike Stitch Fix you’ll get 7-11 items in your box instead of just 5. There is no 25% off code for keeping everything, but I did receive a coupon in my email for 50% off one item if I kept three or more from my first box (nothing for this box).

There’s an extensive style profile to fill out – lots of details, and a set of style cards so you can help refine for your stylist how you dress. The profile is at least twice as long as Stitch Fix’s profile.

daily look elite august 2015 unboxing

Everything comes nicely wrapped up.

daily look elite august 2015 letter

The box arrived with a return mailer bag, a receipt, and a return label to return the unwanted items, plus a long letter from my stylist.

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4489

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4482

daily look elite august 2015 review

Everything in my Daily Look Elite box for August.daily look elite august 2015 Cozy Mixed Knit Cardigan

Cozy Mixed Knit Cardigan ($49.95) I received two of these, and I’m not sure why (the packing slip says 2, too).  I found this to be extremely unseasonal for August!! It was cozy and I do wear a cardigan half the day but this was too much!

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4511

daily look elite august 2015 Sienna Ponte Knit DressSienna Ponte Knit Dress ($64.99) This was way more like it! I love the silhouette and the fabric was perfect. I don’t dig sleeveless dresses personally because I have flappy arms, but I thought this was a great item for this styling subscription (I don’t think they had the information that I wouldn’t want sleeveless dresses).

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4525

I also appreciated the high back dress – they really pulled off work-friendly with this piece!
daily look elite august 2015 Nim Reversible Vegan Leather Tote

Nim Reversible Vegan Leather Tote ($65.99) Another great work friendly piece (note the top photo is accurate as to color). Unfortunately, this item was received scratched.  Unlike Stitch Fix, most of the items I have received from Daily Look seem to be last piece/closeout items.

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4491

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4493

It did come with a nice inner pouch.daily look elite august 2015 Charmeuse Front Sleeveless Knit Dress Charmeuse Front Sleeveless Knit Dress ($64.99) This is just a no for me. This box had some odd drapey shirts last time that I didn’t care for too. It must be part of their style – if you like this dress/look good in this style you will probably like this subscription.

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4518 daily look elite august 2015 McCormick Pleated Skirt

McCormick Pleated Skirt ($66.99) A really oddly pleated skirt, but work friendly.

daily look elite august 2015 Rails Carter Chambray Lightning Bolt Shirt Rails Carter Chambray Lightning Bolt Shirt ($136.99) The only thing that goes through my head when a chambray shirt arrives is “Canadian Tuxedo.” The price on this is outrageous, but the lightning bolt is neat!

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4522 daily look elite august 2015 Rails Brooke Button Down Tunic Dress

Rails Brooke Button Down Tunic Dress ($147.99) What a beautiful sweet little dress! I wouldn’t pay that price, but I liked the fun summer style.

daily look elite august 2015 IMG_4483

Gorjana Mave Lariat Necklace ($77.99) A nice Gorjana piece, but I don’t care for most very long necklaces, this one included (makes me look pregnant!).

daily look elite august 2015 Gorjana Mave Lariat Necklace

They just raised the styling fee to $40 per box – too much in my opinion – although it gets added to your account as store credit according to their email. However, according to their website it gets applied to what you keep, so I don’t know what to think. I didn’t keep anything from this box and they immediately switched me to a quarterly subscription (really, you don’t like taking my money?). I had been planning to cancel anyways. Something about their messaging makes me feel not good enough for this subscription and I don’t really think it’s spot on for my demographic. I have heard multiple complaints from readers ordering a box and never getting one. Although getting the big box of clothes was fun, I think other clothing subscriptions and clothing mystery totes have better value and customer service.

Visit Daily Look Elite to subscribe or find out more.

The Subscription: Daily Look Elite
The Description: Get a box of handpicked pieces delivered straight to your doorstep for truly effortless style.Each box contains 7-11 exclusively hand-selected items that will generally range from $75-$350. Keep what you love and return the rest within 5 days, absolutely free! After 5 days, you are only charged for what you keep.
The Price: $40 styling fee
The Coupon: There’s usually a trial offer for a free styling fee for your first box!
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The Categories.
The Reviews: See all our Daily Look Elite Reviews.


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  • Janelle

    Just received my box. As they let you preview and turn down some items I did so…only because I owned the three items i was allowed to deny. The other ones I would have returned too so I emailed the stylist and said could I just have the whole box restyled as opposed to returning every item. They were all nice and helpful. Then I get my box. Ha Box. A bag with three items, all Daily Look brand, all summer items (it’s winter). I was supposed to receive 6-10 items. Guess I pissed them off. Now I am out $40 and have to waste my time getting this to the post office. Their website, to purchase, has some great brands but they just sent me their own cheap items. So disappointing. I linked my Pinterest, as they advised, explained over ad over what I’d like. Not even close. I also still cannot get over three items in a bag. Also there is an envelope with “note from your stylist and return instructions”. All I received was a packing slip. Thanks awful stylist.

  • Keela Briles

    I received one box from them. Loved a few things however they were a bit over my price range. I did keep a pair of shoes but they cut my feet after a couple hours of wearing them. I emailed them asking to exchange them, they refused to exchange them because I had worn them. I asked how I was suppose to know they were going to cut my feet if I didn’t wear them and they blocked me from emailing them. I then tried to chat with them and they blocked me from being able to chat with them! Horrible customer service! They do not stand behind their product at all! Very disappointed!

  • Barbie

    I replied to your last box you received. I had signed up for the 2 months free to try this company out, back in June and never heard back from them. I emailed them about 5 times (they have my cc info!) and NEVER heard back. Then got the email yesterday saying that they no longer offered free trials and it would be $40.00.

    That was a big no. Not cool! I actually really like their clothing/style but they do not have good customer service, that is for sure!