Amazon Prime Pantry Review

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amazon prime pantry box

Amazon Prime Pantry is a non-subscription grocery and dry goods service offered by Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you’ve noticed by now that they’re offering $5 Prime Pantry credits instead of download credits for No-Rush shipping. I had to give it a try! Prime Pantry allows Prime members to shop a wider range of products, including heavy and bulky items, all in popular pack sizes that are cost prohibitive to ship for free. All Prime Pantry boxes have a max size of the one above – 4 cubic feet/45 pounds (I filled mine to 100%). Shipping is $5.99, but you can see if there are any free shipping offers – I bought 4 items off a promo list and got free shipping – all items I wanted. Amazon Prime Pantry is not supposed to be bulk – but it’s only available for dry goods, cleaning supplies, paper products, that sort of thing. So where you might buy 30 or 40 cans of soda at a club, you’ll buy a 12-pack from Amazon. No fresh stuff. I have always found it more convenient to do pantry shopping online but usually it’s a little cost prohibitive. This really was not although you don’t get the grocery store loss leaders. It certainly was cheaper than the Peapod or Safeway delivery that I used when we lived in the DC area.

I purchased 37 items total – this was just the first page. I purchased a mix of baby items, pantry items, and kid snacky food items. Plus a weird Old El Paso meat in a bag for work (what?! there was a coupon). This “shopping trip” was all about making my husband’s life a little easier. He’s in charge of all grocery shopping, I’m in charge of all online shopping. He loved that all these things were off his list!

My total was 124.16 (I had a gift card applied to part of this purchase). Shipping was $5.99, but removed with the promo, and I had a $5 credit towards the purchase price. I saved a few coins with some coupons too. Overall, I thought the prices were reasonable. A couple times I opened my Wegman’s app to check the grocery store price and everything was in range.

amazon prime pantry unboxing

Brown paper packing material was laid on top. Despite me getting to 100% of the box capacity, there was plenty of room left. Alas, when we opened the box the Tostitos were opened. I totally ordered chips and a bag of cookies just to report in on how they fared. (Cookies were fine!)

amazon prime pantry problem

Maybe they were on top when they started, but I’m baffled as to why they don’t have some sort of separator. I reported the issue to Amazon and am expecting a refund of my $2.50!

amazon prime pantry review 1

Yes, everything from organic beans to FROZEN junk. We mix it up.

amazon prime pantry review 2

The prices were good on everything, and I wouldn’t purchase anything that was out of line from what I expect from the grocery store or Target. I may have paid a few more dollars for the pouch foods for my baby than Target would sell them for (they were all around $1.30 a pouch), but I honestly didn’t care. I picked up mostly those, some child friendly snack foods, a few pantry items for upcoming cooking, and Jalapeno kettle chips for moi.

amazon prime pantry inner boxesI also wanted to point out these two boxes that are inside the main box.  We were ridiculously excited because we’ll use them to sort things and move them around. Free organizing items score! Also, my big kids immediately snagged the big box for cardboard box fun.

If you are an Amazon Prime member (30 day trial if you’ve not tried it before), you can currently get a $5 credit to Amazon Prime Pantry when you purchase an item on Amazon and select No-Rush Shipping. It usually only takes a couple extra days for my item to arrive and I nearly always take advantage of the promotion!

Have you used Amazon Prime Pantry or a similar grocery delivery service? We don’t have grocery delivery here so it worked well for us and we are very stocked right now! I’d love to hear about your experience with the Prime Pantry or other similar services.


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  • Debi

    Box was 4 times too large for items and full of the plastic bubbles I had to pop all 133 little air bags that were packed in this box, not a fun task when you have dogs that hide when they see these air bags (they hate the popping sound!).

    • Hello Subscription

      I recommend using scissors to cut them for a pop-free experience (plus you can do more than one at a time).

  • Kelly Saridjo

    Good day,

    I really need the dimensions of the amazon pantry box

    With kind regards,


    • Brandy

      They can be very large to a medium size box depending on how much you order.