Lit-Cube Book Subscription Box Review – July 2015

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lit-cube july 2015 box

Lit-Cube is a monthly themed book and bookish items subscription box. This box provides you with an immersive reading experience by providing reading material paired with quality themed items!

lit-cube july 2015 card

The information card has all the details – the books are on the back. The theme of this month’s box was Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes!

lit-cube july 2015 review

Everything in the box! One of the cards has a QR code for a free eBook from Amazon – Never Forgotten by Kelly Risser, which is already free on Amazon, but I wouldn’t have known about it, so that was nice.
lit-cube july 2015 doodads

50 Shades Bookmark ($2.95) I thought this was hilarious!

Talk Less – Read More Sticker from Pauline Creeden: She has a book in the Falling In Deep Series – Scales.

Lit Cube Collectors Card: Plus there’s a little theme card in there too.

One note – I originally had this listed as a YA subscription in the directory. After looking at this box, it’s not! Lit-Cube never said it was, my mistake.

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3335

This booklet gives a sneak peek of stories from the Falling In Deep collection from the Blazing Indie Collective. Witches are up in the fall! YAY! I just (finally) finished Harkness’ Book of Life yesterday.

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3336

There is definitely a whole turning into a mermaid genre that I didn’t know about.

lit-cube july 2015 charm

Mermaid Charm: This is a cute little charm – I’m guessing you can put it on whatever you’d like!

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3326

Zeno’s Saltwater Taffy: This was fun and absolutely a perfect treat for this box! 11 different flavors of taffy, plus a card to go along with it (the back of this card is also full of flavors). We had a great time determining which flavor was which and they were all delicious.

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3324

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3340

Victoria Faye SeaFarer Mermaid Pocketbook Journal: This is super pretty and a fun journal to take to the beach to write in.
lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3341

The rest of the pages were lined.

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3344

An Officer and a Mermaid by Blaire Edens ($6.99)

When a slave uprising threatens the life of Syreena, the daughter of an eighteenth century plantation owner, a servant uses voodoo to transform her into a mermaid. The spell will be only broken when she returns to the beach where it was cast. After three hundred years of swimming, she’s ready to trade fins for legs. The only problem is she can’t find her way home. Dylan, a twenty-first century Coast Guard Officer, has sworn off love for the sea. When a wave throws him overboard, Syreena uses her amulet to ward off the sharks and save his life. With Syreena and Dylan stranded on a remote cay, Dylan has the know-how to build a raft and navigate but his near-drowning has made him terrified of the water. Syreena will use every charm she has to convince Dylan to take her home. Even if it means falling in love. . .

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3345

My husband helpfully has provided excerpts from these books! 😉lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3346

How to Be a Mermaid by Erin Hayes ($6.99) Can I say that I want her handwriting? She has Disney handwriting!

All Tara ever wanted was to be a mermaid. So she takes a year off between high school and college to don a fake tail and tour aquariums across the country in a professional mermaid troupe. Everything’s great until she meets a gorgeous real-life merman named Finn. Suddenly, what she thought was a dream turns out to be a nightmare — she’s turning into a mermaid herself. For real. Yet when she returns to the sea to seek out Finn and reverse her transformation, she finds herself in the middle of an impending war between the land and sea. Tara may have always wanted to be a mermaid, but now it’s sink or swim. In order to survive, she has to learn how to be one, too.

lit-cube july 2015 IMG_3348

I would categorize both these novellas as escapist indie fiction with a healthy dose of bodice ripping (where bodices apply!).

lit-cube july 2015 bag

Mermaid Tote Bag by Victoria Faye – This one is going straight to the kiddo to keep her library books organized – she’s a die-hard bookworm!

I don’t normally review book subscriptions but multiple readers have asked that I start reviewing book boxes, so I started with this subscription, because it looked fun.  I think this is a great box for book fans looking for a themed book box that want to see indie fiction writers (which may sometimes be bodice rippers!). The box was well themed and I definitely liked the themed items that went along with the books. The books weren’t my taste – which run more towards very long involved fiction – but my aunt will be absolutely delighted with them, it’s exactly what she likes to read!

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  • Sarah

    I also had thought it was YA until I opened up these books. Whoops!

  • Jenny

    So I had no clue about the mermaid fictions. That one is new to me. LOL I don’t like to have to think when I read so I’d be in the same realm as your aunt. 😉 I normally look for the paranormal romance novels. You know I like my books like I like my tv 😉 Throw in a vampire and I’m all over it. hehe If you want to look at one that is “good” but still is pretty involved check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood. It has all the good parts but lots of history and story to keep up with. There are so many books too that you have to keep up with the whole thing all the time.

  • Sara

    I LOVE Mermaids, this box looks fantastic!! SO sad I missed it.