July Summer 2015 Jouer Le Matchbox Beauty & Makeup Subscription Box Review

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summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 box

Le Matchbox is a new quarterly beauty subscription box from cosmetics brand Jouer. When you visit the site, you’ll be prompted to take your warm/cool profile quiz (and make sure to log in before you subscribe, or they will not be able to send you emails). Jouer promises an assortment of full size Jouer essentials most flattering for your coloring and suitable for your skin type. I’m not going to hide the ball – the colors they select for cools are terrible for me. I’m a cool, but I have a medium skintone, and the pinks they pick are clown colors on me. I’d meant to change the box to warm just to get something that wasn’t barbie pink, but I forgot. I’m disappointed in the lip color choices in both boxes I’ve received.

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The box itself was different this quarter – it lifts off instead of up, and the inside is flocked.

summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 IMG_6164

The box comes along with an information booklet about the items and variations.

summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 IMG_6165

It details the items, why they were chosen, and tips for use. summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 IMG_6167

Jouer Lip & Cheek Tint – Petal ($9.50) At first I was slightly bummed to get this because I got this exact sample in my April Birchbox, but then I remembered I loved it! I wish this had been full size!
summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 IMG_6168

Jouer Everyday Effortless Mascara – Brun ($24)

Jouer Crème Eyeshadow – Organza ($22) This is a nice blendable sort of fawn neutral! It’s velvety, but not a cream, so don’t be misled! It’s shimmery and light and will go great with a summer light makeup look.

summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 IMG_6170

Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer – Suntan ($30) This is a super finely milled bronzer that’s a matte honey bronze. It’s super lightweight and soft and I enjoyed it. I think it would be good for multiple skintones.


Too bad it totally fell out of the case.

summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 IMG_6169

Bronzer, shadow swatches.summer jouer le matchbox july 2015 IMG_6171

Jouer Lip Sheer SPF 15 – tulum ($24) I’m going to be a bad reviewer and not even swatch this, because I know I will never, ever ever wear it. I learned my lesson with swatching nude lipsticks – they just don’t ever look good on me, and this color will never look good on me either. The Lip Sheer in Positano (sheer berry wine)? I would’ve been all over that.

I don’t know why cosmetic companies insist that all women with cool-toned skin must have very light complexions. It’s obviously not true, and that pink isn’t a wearable shade for most women. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed in yet-more-baby/hot-pink that it was hard for me to appreciate the rest of the box. (And I wrote this sentence before my bronzer fell out!). I don’t recommend this box unless you look like one of the women above. It’s pretty clear to me that Jouer has a pretty shade-specific vision of beauty that is very pale. Then again – everything in this box works for me, except for that pink lipstick. However, they selected really bright pinks two quarters in a row.

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The Subscription: Jouer Le Matchbox
The Description: Get first access to new product launches and unbelievable savings on full-size Jouer products.
The Price: $45 per quarter


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  • Sarah

    I enjoyed the contents of my box but I think the eyeshadow colors could have been more “summery,” know what I mean? I mean they’re gorgeous but seem more appropriate for a fall or winter box. The lipstick (I’m a cool) is quite pink, the formula is fabulous. I think maybe age might have something to do with my horror upon first seeing it. But it has totally grown on me 😀 Maybe the 80’s are back…

    • Brandy

      I don’t know. I love a really bold lip, but I do not not not like light colors. TZR too faced lip cream didn’t work for me either. It was close, but it was still too light. I don’t know what’s wrong with my face coloring but it has to be dark to look decent. I wear red lips (brick, bright, etc), wines, burgundies all the time, no prob. I end up wearing really dark lipstick or lipgloss (as long as it’s not an opaque light color lipgloss, those look bad too).

  • Sarah

    I’m very pale with gray eyes and dark hair, I never really knew if I was warm or cool but I assumed cool. The quiz classified me as a warm, which surprised me. However, I received the Meridith lipstick in my first box, and the Lanai lip sheer in the second. They both work really well for me and I especially love the Meridith. The blush and lippy colors for both the cool boxes wouldn’t have looked good on me either. If you like the brand I would suggest giving it one more try with the warm box and see if it works for you. Overall, the warm boxes have seemed more neutral and universal. I really like this subscription because I rarely spend a lot of money on a single make up item and this way I get full size products at a discount.

  • Erin

    I love that lipstick!

  • Marie

    I skipped the summer box do to product overload, but would have loved this lippy!! I’m blond with green eyes, with medium golden skin, and although they categorized me as “warm”, I never been real ecstatic with orangey, coral kind of color, as well as darker plums and burgundy.. Dunno what I will do for the fall box..:((

    • Brandy

      I cannot do orangey corals either unless they’re on my nails! I don’t think I could’ve handled the warm selection for the lips either. I don’t look good in any light lip colors at all. I am jealous of anyone who can pull it off!