Comic Con Box July 2015 Subscription Box Review + August Theme Spoilers #conlife

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 comic con box july 2015 box

Comic Con Box is a newer geeky monthly subscription. This one brings you Comic Con in a box – and is perfect for anyone who loves the kind of toys, tech, and gaming you would see at a ComicCon convention. Boxes are $29.99 per month plus shipping ($7 for me). Boxes include exclusives, collectibles, autographs, and many other amazingly awesome things you would severely geek out to at a Comic Con including toys, comics, artwork, shirts, and various discounts.

 comic con box july 2015 review

Everything in the July box! Timed nicely to coincide with Comic Con.comic con box july 2015 card

ComicConBox has chosen not to put all the items on the cards – just the featured items, plus the featured artist – who has been the same all three boxes. The theme for July is ADVENTURE.

comic con box july 2015 dr who eggs

A Dozen Doctors Tee ($15) This wasn’t my fave. I’m not a Dr. Who fan, I don’t like the logo on the shirt, and the screen wasn’t really great quality. A miss for me.

comic con box july 2015 dino

Chomping Dinosaur ($??) This is pretty cheap plastic and worth maybe $5 if I am being generous and it’s being sold in a museum (with jacked up prices, per usual). It’s a fun novelty item, but they should’ve been able to procure an actual Jurassic World item (and lots of them are very inexpensive). Jokes on us!

comic con box july 2015 link

TOMY Zelda Danglers ($5.38) this is a cute item that you can dangle wherever you want. I’m going to pass this on to my fave Zelda fan – who emptied my house of all Zelda items this past week! They sell for a dollar at game stores.

comic con box july 2015 scalers

NECA Scalers – Spider-Man & Iron Man – Exclusive to the *2014* Comic Con. While these are fun and I’m totally going to hang a totally safe not-child-reachable cord in the boys’ room when we decorate it, this is feeling like a close-out box. Yes, it’s an exclusive item – from last year! The scalers retail for $10 each, so $20.

comic con box july 2015 vader of the lost ark

Rob Prior’s Vader of the Lost Ark – This isn’t my favorite of his, although he’s an amazing artist. This was the first time I actually noticed the logo, which I dislike intensely. I liked the previous prints so much I didn’t even notice it – it makes it meh for hanging/framing to me. The quality of the printing is very high and it’s large, so I’ll still value them at $15, because I understand not everyone minds!

comic con box july 2015 IMG_6351

Comic Con is the only subscription to card/bag its comics. This bag is inside the bag with the artwork, so it’s really well protected.

comic con box july 2015 comics

Ant-Man Larger Than Life 001 Variant Edition ($3.99)

Jurassic Strike Force 5 One-Shot – Terror & Tacos – I don’t know what this is? This is not a full-length thing, it’s sort of a teaser to buy more, so it’s sort of worthless.

comic con box july 2015 IMG_6353

They’re both produced exclusively for this box.

comic con box july 2015 adventure time

Adventure Time Plush Chew Toy ($9.99) This… is a dog toy.comic con box august 2015 spoiler

August Comic Con Box Spoiler –  SCIENCE! FYI – last month the spoilers were Minions, Link, Dr. Who, and Jurassic Park so YMMV on what you get seeing what was in this box.  The spoilers are: Terminator, Iron Man, Mega Man, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Alien.

The value of the box was around $74, but I didn’t think it was impressive at all, and as far as I know – I wasn’t alone. I’ll decide whether to continue this subscription with the next box. There wasn’t one single thing in this box that I actually enjoyed.

comic con box july 2015 antboy

Antboy DVD – I forgot this item when I published the post 5 minutes ago. It wouldn’t have made a difference in my review. That’s sad. However, I think my kids will enjoy this one so it’s not a total loss. Sort of. It’s a Danish movie dubbed in English.

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The Subscription: Comic Con Box
The Description: Comic Con in a box! Boxes include exclusives, collectibles, autographs, and many other amazingly awesome things you would severely GEEK-OUT to at a Comic Con including toys, comics, artwork, shirts, and various discounts.
The Price: $29.99 per month + shipping


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  • Nicholas McGhee

    Ok, first off, I stumbled across your site while trying to find the values of some of the things in this month’s box. Second, fantastic reviews! I agree with most your points each time.
    Lastly, and this is kind of disheartening for me (and led me to cancelling my Comic Con Box subscription today), I received TWO boxes this month. Now I don’t recall signing up for a second subscription, however, I was charged twice and in turn got 2 boxes. Now, the part that got me. The second box was sent and I was charged 3 dollars MORE for the shipping. Puzzling, I know. By the time I had opened the box and realized that it was the same thing I received 4 days ago, it was already too late (obviously) to contact them about an accidental second charge. There was ONE difference between the 2 boxes I received, however. The first box I got had ANOTHER toy mustache (my boys love them so I was fine with it). This second box DID NOT have that. So I was charged 3 dollars more for shipping to the same address for a second subscription I didn’t sign up for, AND received less items the second time. I have sent off an email inquiring about these things and am awaiting reply, however I have also requested that (both?) of my subscriptions be cancelled. Had I received something different or extra the second time, I would have been fine, but it irked me that I was charged more for less. Oh, and last thing here, the first box this month was sent with tracking information. Still don’t know why.
    Anyways, great reviews and I will keep checking eachon the to see what I’ve missed!
    (Oh and apologies for such a long comment)

    • Brandy

      I saw somewhere else that some people got that mustache, and I was also confused! Someone commented on my facebook that they buy those dino toys at the dollar store.

      Geek box reviews tend to all be at the end of the month, so get ready for the onslaught! Feel free to write a book every time you comment! I love reading them!