Prospurly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – March 2015

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Prospurly is a brand new monthly subscription box featuring 6-8 luxurious products in each box, with an average $80 value. Items include gourmet foods and bath & body essentials, plus fun gifts and games to share with friends. Prospurly features organic, handcrafted, and sustainable items! This is the very first box. If you’d like to subscribe, you can save 10% off for the life of your subscription with coupon code SPRING.


This is a very pretty box!


The Prospurly theme for April is “Awake with Spring.”


I found the information card a little hard to read.


The items in the April Prospurly box.


Bee Lux PDX Mini Pinecone Candle ($5) This little guy didn’t make it in the photo above. Whoops. Handpoured beeswax candle from “sustainable, ethically-sourced beeswax.” Honestly I’ve never heard of any other type but apparently sustainable/ethical in beeswax terms means letting the bees hibernate for the winter. I had to look it up, I was so curious!


Tops Malibu Wish Paper ($7.50) This is an interesting novelty item, but it’s really just tissue paper. The top paper is has a pretty gold Wish Paper stamp. You’re supposed to ball it up, light it on fire, and catch the ash in the air, then make a wish. We’ll try it without the kids around first.


Alma Chocolate Salty Nut Toffee Bar ($5) Very good, if a tad bit too salty for my taste (this did not stop me from polishing off the entire bar). Dark chocolate, pistachios, hazelnuts, toffee chunks, and sea salt. I really like this brand!


Urban Oreganics Bath Salts ($18) This contains dead sea salts, fleur de sel, lavender essential oil, homegrown lavender, and an earl grey tea blend. I take a bath about once a year, so I’ll pass it on, or let my kids enjoy this. Urban Oreganics have been in all the subscriptions lately, so I’d like to see boxes present some new brand discoveries.


Steepware Tuffy Steeper ($7.50) I’m not a tea drinker but I love this item because it’s so nice. So much better than those cheap metal tea steepers. My husband and daughter both love tea so this will be put to use. So easy to clean out.


The Tea Spot Jasmine Petals Tea ($5) Organic green tea + jasmine flowers.



Urban Oreganics Cleansing Bar ($10) I loved that this was wrapped up in a page from an old dictionary! Great reuse. I was surprised that this bar didn’t smell – no clay – just activated charcoal in a coconut/castor/evoo/hemp oil base. You can also use this on your hair.


Crown Maple Syrup Trio ($15.95) For me, the darker the syrup the better! Love it. Last year they changed all the grade names confusing everyone, but most consumers didn’t understand that Grade B was the good stuff. For reference A/Delicate = Fancy, and then after that it’s slightly more complicated because they consolidated Medium Amber, Dark Amber, and Grade B into just two categories – Amber/Rich Taste and Dark/Robust Taste. These are the new Vermont rules and NY State (where this syrup is made) adopted them this year (my in-laws are Vermonters, and we have to hide all the non Vermont syrup in the house when they visit, they’re super serious about it). Crown actually sells the Very Dark (Former grade C/commercial) and I would love to see that in a cooking box sometime.

Interestingly, this box is curated by the founders of Conscious Box (which was sold off a couple years ago), Escape Monthly, and Yogi Surprise. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this this the best out of all of them. My only real criticism is that the information card is a little disingenuous in its design (a little low brow when the team behind this box knows exactly what they’re doing).

The total value of this box was $74 and I was completely delighted to find that the prices weren’t inflated at all. If you’re looking for a fun, usable, sustainable, and organic box, this is a great choice (as long as they fix that info card!).

Visit Prospurly to subscribe or find out more! Save 10% off for the life of your subscription with coupon code SPRING. You can see more monthly lifestyle and women’s subscription boxes in the directory!

The Subscription: Prospurly
The Description: Every month, you’ll discover artisan-crafted foods, handmade bath & body essentials, and incredible gifts to share with friends, right at your doorstep.
The Price: $49.95 per month
The Coupon: Use code SPRING to save 10% on the life of your subscription.


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