Collectible Geek Collector’s Cache Subscription Box Review – April 2015

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collectible geek

Collectible Geek‘s Collector’s Cache is a monthly package built for the ultimate collector, geek, or enthusiast. Each Collector’s Cache comes with “five meticulously chosen items such as t-shirts, Funko products, nerdy toys from the staff at collectibleGEEK, featuring a different theme each month”.

What I wrote last month:

I feel like I got pretty burned with a six month subscription! I found it hard to identify more than 3 meticulously chosen items in this box. The price per box on a 6 month subscription is $33.50, so I’d definitely expected more premium items in this box. I didn’t think it was any better than Loot Crate, which is over $10 less per month. It does have one huge benefit in that you can skip the month if you don’t care for the theme. I love the 80s theme but this was definitely not my fave 80s stuff, so that may have something to do with my disappointment, but I just didn’t feel that the items were premium enough.

Compared to this month, that’s being nice.  I thought this was a terrible box – perhaps one of the most poorly put together boxes I’ve seen, and full of unlicensed goods from China. I also thought this was supposed to have a Funko in every box.  To be honest, I’m not sure that it said that – but all of the other boxes have had one.  I do recommend checking out the Geek, Gamer, and Nerdy Subscription Boxes page before settling on this subscription.

collectible geek april 2015

When I popped open this box (I didn’t take a photo) I was crestfallen. It was pretty empty. And no Funko. And then I started looking at everything.

iron man USB

Iron Man USB ($7.50) 8 MB. Definitely unlicensed. After extending it the first time and putting the USB stick back in, I can’t get it to come back out. That’s ok, I probably shouldn’t use it for anything important anyhow.

Update – you have to press down and push on the back. The eyes light up blue, which is cool

hulk doll

Hulk Plush ($9) If this were a quality plush, it would be great. The abs and face are stickers. Based on other plushes my kids have, I’ve picked that as the price. This box is for adults as far as I know, and I expect nice items in it. My son will enjoy it – but it’s not great quality. This is the nicest item in the box.

collectible geek shirt

Shirt ($10-$15). This is not a soft shirt, and it once again has the Collectible Geek logo – which I don’t care for. I do like the color of the shirt!

collectible geek logo

marvel socks

Xiuzu Captain America Socks ($3) I don’t believe these are officially licensed socks. They’re available for a quarter a pair on Ali Baba. See officially licensed Captain America socks (great quality) in my Hero Box review.


Culture Shock Print Co. Micro Posters – Like the poster from last month, not the best quality. I don’t think the resolution on their graphics is high enough.

back of posters thor keychain

Thor Keychain – Unlicensed. See a photo of the actually licensed keychain here.

back of keychain

This one is clearly not.




This keychain (actually manufactured by Cheng toy products) is just a copy. You can especially tell the imprint from the mold ont his piece.

I’m not even doing a wrap up of this one. It was one of the most disappointing boxes I’ve ever opened.

Visit Collectible Geek to find out more or subscribe. You can see more Geek, Gamer, and Nerdy Subscription Boxes in the directory.

The Subscription: Collectible Geek
The Description: The collector’s cache is a monthly package built for the ultimate collector, geek, or enthusiast. Each Collector’s Cache comes with five meticulously chosen items such as t-shirts, Funko products, nerdy toys from the staff at collectibleGEEK, featuring a different theme each month.
The Price: $98 per quarter


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  • Shane P.

    Funny, my socks have a marvel tag on them. The copyright info is on the back of the keychain packaging, my translator is on my camera so its a little hard to make out. The USB drive looks and feels exactly the same as the infothink one i paid $20 for like 2 years ago. The plush is 100% lisenced and is part of a series of plushes with the same cartoonish design. The shirt only has the shadow of the hulk, not the character, and doesnt say hulk anywhere on it.

    All this aside, they arent selling the products, they are selling us a box, what they put inside doesn’t have to follow copyrights. Reporting this isn’t going to get anything other than an eye roll. If you don’t like it, dont buy it. I do however like my box, as well as respect this review, it’s well done.

  • Jason

    I would demand a refund, All Non-Licensed Marvel products inside this box. These products can also have lead that can make a child very sick. Everyone please contact [email protected] and describe the suspected infringement. Please be as detailed as possible so that the claim can be investigated properly. Please also provide as much information as possible on the suspected infringer (ex. name, address, website, e-mail, phone number).

  • PA Annna

    You review is eye opening. I purchased the IWIA at my teenager’s request as a late birthday present. He’s happy with it. I’m not happy about supporting non-licensed products.

  • Sneaky Burrito (@SneakyBurrito)

    I think that is a big box of trademark violations right there.

  • Erin

    That is a horrible box, and to charge over $10.00 for that box of junk is a rip off.