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Bocandy is a a monthly candy subscription sending 7-10 different types of candy from around the world straight to your door! Bocandy offers a half off first box trial with coupon code HELLO so if you’re interested in this type of subscription, it’s a great way to check this one out!


Hello Bocandy!

All the candy in the box!


Nestle Mirage Real Bubbly Milk Chocolate ($5) These are chocolate bars from Canada, and I think they’re pretty much just like Aero bars! The bubbles make them light and fluffy. I don’t buy candy at all so instead of sampling these, this is what the kids are getting in their Easter baskets! (Y’all don’t worry that my kids are deprived, we get tons of candy in our boxes!)


Milkita Milkshake Candy – Some people call this a chewy candy but it’s a hard milk candy. Love the milkshake flavor (it really does taste just like a milkshake!) We liked both the flavors but I was especially fond of the unusually flavored honeydew candy!


Hi-Chew – I’m a Hi-Chew fan, these are like the Japanese version of Starburst. Except totally different. They have a white outer coating, which is very slick, but not hard (so difficult to describe) and the inside is a burst of flavor.


Freia Melkerull ($5) This is a Norweigan chocolate, and virtually impossible to find in the US. I liked the fun lozenge of milk chocolate, which was smooth and tasty!


Daim Crunchy Caramel Candy Bar ($3) This is like a Heath bar I think. It’s from Sweden and the toffee inside has a richer taste than a Heath or Skor bar, because it also uses almonds.


Monster Money ($2) The money you can eat! From Germany, this is just silly and fun. If you want you can stick peanut butter between – they’re printed wafers!


Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Coated Caramel Wafer Biscuit ($1) More than FIVE MILLION of these biscuits made and sold every week. 5 wafer layers, 4 caramel layers, all covered in chocolate. How have I never heard of this before?

I didn’t value every item in this box, but there was more in the box than it cost, plus these are hard to find international candies. I do prefer either US artisanal chocolate or international candies – they just taste better to me. I was pleased with this box.

You can get your first box of Bocandy half off! Just use this link to sign up. See more candy subscription boxes in the directory, or more subscriptions you can try for free.

The Subscription: Bocandy
The Description: Bocandy is premium candy from around the world! Each month Bocandy will send 7-10 different kinds of candy straight to your door. From savory to sweet, you will enjoy new brands each month.
The Price: $15 per month
The Coupon: First month half off – use coupon code HELLO


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  • Buyer Beware

    I signed up with a first box free code, but was charged before the first box was shipped. Asked for a refund but was told the payment was for the next box which would be shipped 5 weeks later. Asked to cancel that next shipment to no avail.

  • Lin

    Under whelming.

  • Susan Burge

    A couple of things about Bocandy: they’re going through some growing pains, so things may not be the same from box to box. I got this box (but have cancelled for now), but mine only had one of the Mirage bars and I don’t remember if I had as many of the small candies as you did. Last month had plantain chips in it, which isn’t candy by anyone’s definition, so I asked about it and was told they’re planning to change to a mix of candy and savory snacks. (I suggested they check out Universal Yums if they plan to compete in that category.) They’re also planning to add info cards as soon as possible. This was the first month of boxes instead of envelopes, too.

    When I signed up back in Nov., I missed the cutoff date to get the Dec. box and so Jan. was my free box – but they took the payment in Dec. for Feb. I understand the dates have changed now so this shouldn’t be an issue in future, but I found it disturbing at the time. It meant that I’d have had to ask for a refund if I didn’t like the free box and didn’t want the next one – and it meant I had to cancel before I got this box to avoid being charged again. I hope they get all this straightened out, but for now I think Universal Yums is a much better deal.