#PampersSleepChat! Daylight Savings Is Coming – Are You Ready? + Giveaway!

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Daylight Savings Time is approaching – in less than a week to be exact! Moms, are you ready?   Did you know that over half of parents think that the sleep disruptions caused by DST are worse than taxes? Pampers sent along a bundle of items with the time change in mind, and will be sending one to a reader, too!

If you have a baby like mine, OH, that 7-7:30 suggested time in The Sleep Lady’s book is so funny right now (and yes, I’m going to read it, or ask my husband too – you forget a lot in 4 years!). Especially considering that in a week, it’s going to be an hour later on the clock! It’s tough to change baby’s sleep schedule to match our clock-driven ones.


Through Pampers‘ extensive research on sleep, they’ve learned that babies are more vulnerable to waking up when they’re wet. And a dry night means baby is more likely to be more rested, less fussy and more content the next day. This is so true. Baby F is my third and when they don’t sleep at night, it does not mean they sleep more during the day. Pampers diapers provide up to 12 hours of wetness control to help your baby sleep through the night.


The other thing that really helps is allowing your child to develop soothing mechanisms. So far we’re 2-1 thumb suckers vs. pacifiers. My son (aged 4) loves the Cloud B products. LOVES. They really help him to feel comfortable in a darkened room. I won’t like, he has 3 Octo-Lights. And now a Turtle. He was crazy excited about it and goes right to bed knowing that his lights are there if he wakes up scared.


The Cloud B. Constellation Turtle projects soothing non-distracting lights that a baby can gaze at as she falls asleep. Most importantly they turn off automatically after 45 minutes. With older kids you can pick out the constellations, too.


How are you getting ready for Daylight Savings Time with your baby?

Please join Pampers and “the Sleep Lady” on Twitter March 3rd at 9pm EST, about the best ways to help parents can help their little ones transition with Daylight Savings Time. RSVP and get a reminder here.

Thanks to Pampers, I have a bundle just like the one above to giveaway to a reader! The bundle includes Dr. Kim West’s Book, a month supply of 4 Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 6, Jumbo Pack, 2 tubs of Pampers Sensitive Wipes, and a Cloud B Twilight Turtle!

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  • Rachel Freer

    Establish a routine for bedtime and stick to it.

  • Wendy R.

    Having a bedtime routine like bath, cuddle, book reading is a good tip for sleeping time.

  • laura588

    My best sleep tip is to finding some soothing music that will help them to sleep. My son listens to my favorite soft jazz CD’s and always falls asleep in minutes.
    Laurie Emerson

  • Stephanie Larison

    Co-sleeping has been great for us. We’re doing it with baby girl #2 right now. Do it safely, of course.

  • Lesley F

    A warm bath before bed usually works

  • shelly peterson

    Stick to your normal sleep routine.

  • hedgehogi

    My best sleep tip is not to hot and have a routine!

  • agsuperfan

    Keep your routine nightly! staying out an hour later may sound nice, but it can mess your baby’s schedule up for a whole week!

  • Alicia

    My best sleep tip is to never rock them till they fall asleep or your going to be holding them all night! Usually when you do this and lay them down they wake right back up and cry till you pick them back up!

  • sandyhills x

    Best tip is to turn off all electronics – shaunie

  • Cynthia R

    My best sleep tip is to get a sound machine and stick to the routine.

  • Stephanie Grant

    My best sleep tip is to make sure the room is dim and very quite then I always lay down with my little one until he drifts off to sleep!

  • Trisha Burgess

    Staying on a routine no matter what is my best tip!

  • Julie

    What works for us is having black out curtains so that the room is very dark. We have a small night light for both kids and also use a white noise machine for each of them. So far, so good! We have been through a couple time changes and no problems! Julie

  • Wendy Mastin

    A good routine and sticking to it is the best way for toddlers to go to sleep.

  • Fiona N

    I usually let my little one listen baby music when he tries to sleep!

  • betsy5454

    just adjust 5-10 minutes each night till they’re back on schedule

  • ngurnett

    Having a bedtime routine and doing something before bed with low lights and nothing with a screen.

  • Kristi C

    My best tip is to keep a schedule and routine.

  • denise

    Stick to a routine. They like it!

  • midwestmamaof3

    My best tip – routine, then let them cry it out!

  • Monica P

    Routine routine routine!

  • Kristen McDaniel

    When my sweet girl doesn’t want to sleep, I sing to her or hum. It’s an instant change.

  • Melissa M

    We start getting our kids ready a ew weeks ahead of timeby putting them to bed a few mins earlier/later each night.

  • Dawn Monroe

    My tip is dont change your schedule all at once during the time change. Pull the blinds and have the kids in bed at the usual time.

  • Mary Happymommy

    Use a white noise machine to block out external noise.

  • MeaganS

    My best sleep tip is consistency. My kids go to bed at the same time every night.

  • Jamie

    Heeeey! My best sleep tip is to use a white noise machine and wrap the baby in a sleep sack where they cannot move their arms! Works like a dream.

  • Katy M

    We love our sound machine and a cooler room (68 deg).

  • Erin

    I make sure my little one has a full belly and his favorite blanket.

  • Kenny Hall

    Put up blackout curtains in babies room

  • James Robert

    We try to keep the same schedule for my kids so the time change won’t affect them so much. They usually have a hard time for about a week, adjusting to it even with adjusting sleep accordingly

  • Stephanie Phelps

    My best tip is to make things serine about an hour before bed. Read a book with them or play soft music while you cuddle!

    • Emily

      Don’t cuddle let them cry it out

  • Jackquelyn W.

    We stuck to our routine as much as possible, but honestly, we were just blessed with good sleepers. We tried to keep the rooms as dark as possible, so that when the little one did wake up, they stayed calm.

  • Kimberly

    If my little man won’t sleep, I usually try wearing him. Our Tula is full of sleepy dust.

  • audrey

    keep it cool and keep the sleeping area dark and free of toys.